Techno Entrepreneurship Club 3rd AGM

The club AGM is held is a not so small room with the presence of a not so bit crowd and in not so big university. The Amanjaya Campus is an interim campus and guess what, we will be moving to the new campus in Semeling is a month or two time.

After a year holding the position in the office, its time to step down and let the new committee to take over to provide a fresher and more dynamic administration in hope it will bring more good the the club..

So these are the details..

Venue : Lecture Room 7
Time : 2.30 pm ( July 4th, 2007 )

TEC 2006/2007

President : MYSELF
Secretary : Sree Ramanan.
Treasurer : Goh Yen Chiew

Business Development Exco : Leow Mun Tyng
Marketing Exco : Goh Cheng Chin
Publicity Exco : Chiam Viking

Whereby the new board comprises of the following

TEC 2007/2008

President : Shariza Sharir
V/President: Goh Cheng Chin
Secretary : Ch’ng Tze Li
Treasurer : Leow Mun Tyng

Business Development Exco : Issac Yap
Marketing Exco : Somash Rao
Publicity Exco : Joshua Gan Oon Joo

Here are some of my pictures taken during the meeting…. hahhaa

Me and Sree preparing for the meeting..

Reading out the nominees name

Guess we forgot something it seem……..

Aung… One of the First Senior in Materials Tech I knew…

Me and Joshua… New Publicity Chief

Me and Goh, The New Elected Vice President…

Me and Shanthiney… the darling of the class…

Me and Yen Chiew, the previous board Treasurer

Me and Mun Tyng… Previous Business Development exco and now the
Present Board Treasurer

The old and the new President

Life will never complete without a pose… Cheers..

The 2006/2007 Board
The President, The Secretary and The Treasurer…

Thanks you guys for the great work and moment we had together….


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