AGM there will be an election and therefore there will be a system to coordinate and to run the election. This time, the poll were taken before hand and 2 names that has the most votes are being selected.

What went on at todays meeting was a misunderstanding that lead to a small high tone conversation. A party was suggestion that the polling form that contains the name of those who appears to gain a highest and second highest votes to be distributed and filled during the meeting and make them filled it up on the spot.

While the other party was suggesting that the polling form should be filled and done outside the meeting room … there will be no influence among the voter as they may be some discussion and this make the votes to be somehow less accurate. By saying it to be done outside the meeting room, “My question is does it seems to give the impression that another polling is again being conducted”? so this has become an issue and somehow some kinda rebut case happens and someone is asked to shut up.. well its kinda rude but after saying, can you pls listen to me, let me explain and clarify, what is the best word then.. and it was done in a soft tone.

Ya, the person that is being shutted may not like the idea of being so and of course will get angry. But in the end when i or in a private meeting, pls kinda put in a same situation also. There is no need to say everything in front of the presence of everyone else especially when almost the whole department student is present. Wanna make the person to lose face also got many ways, no need to make him/ her strip in front of everyone when s/he tried to cover it from being exposed. There are things that other people may not like as well.

Well what is passed is passed. Now I understand that changes comes in many way. good or bad. we still have to accept it, but i hope the changes that i will go thru soon will be more on the positive side… This post is not directed to anyone… Just me writing some fiction and some findings of the day.. I don put anything hard in my heart nowadays as if i were the last time me, anything like this happens to, s/he will be showered with my saliva the next time i meet s/he.

Perhaps getting older make my anger to go down exponentially. So no need scare that i will be angry over something simple like this. Close eye, take breath and breath out prevent any stupid move and decision that lead you to jail or the nearest police station. Just i learn that we don have to bother what other people think of us as in the future, they will not even care for what happen to you today even you beg them to… true?


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