I think i am wasting time at home.

Damn sien… My midsemester exam for business ethics is in less than 48Hours and still i am lepaking and not doing anything to make my brain to be contained with the subject information. Perhaps what happen in class today give me a shock and yet i have to pretend cool and as if nothing serious had happened. ( Hand were shivering the whole afternoon and just put it in the labcoat to hide it.)

In the same time, Mr Ansari, gives us back our midsemester exam paper for Polymer. Well to be frank i don expect such result as i know what condition and situation that i am facing for this entire semester. Coping from breakups and some sort of family problems. Dispute with my brother over some nonsense and so on. All this make me very distracted and i would say that i am lucky this time. Not that i wanna be humble but its just sometimes you need luck to make things to work.

I am a bit upset over some judgment from the outsiders which i think is unfair and it discriminated someone’s freedom to move and do anything that they want.. As in going out for a tea with some of the most influential lecturer is being considered as bootlicking.. well which part of the boot is being licked..dammit.. but these are peoples mouth as they can talk wat they want. Just take it as pre industrial experience as in the real job market there will be more this kinda ppl loitering around. Just a piece of thought from me not to offend anyone.

There is a saying in Chinese..

是非 , 便 是非 人.

Which means “The person who comes to gossip and spread rumor is made himself the culprit of such foul deeds and misconduct”. This chinese proverbs explains all i guess.


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