I mus t be very free to blog and write so much online in fact, writing a page don take long as long as there are constant flow of idea and things to write. I previously thought of hiding and sensor some of the content of what i wrote so it will be at least more friendly to the reader when when i think back i feel is is kinda silly as this blog belongs to me and those who think they can bear with what i wrote may continue to come again while those who are not may hate the content or even delete the link outta their blog which links here..

Today is the 142 day after the parting. Guess i shall not do things by having to think twice whether it will affect anyone as long as it does not cause harm to anyone and it is a personal stuff. For this period of time, i had betrayed myself by caring too much and sometimes do not care at all at someones feeling and from now on this all have to stop. I will do what i like without having to worry so much. Living by others shadow and pleasing someone without him or her knowing as if you are pleasing urself sounds really stupid.

Caring for someone’s well being can be mistaken as bothering and this is what i think is the most “CHAR TOU ” part. Asking for clarification can be mistaken by the third party as bothering… So no next time then..there is free lunch and there aren’t something like kena free free like that. Tired and exhausted with this already…Well sometimes caring is wrong and is a sin also so care for the right people. This has been kinda traumatic stuff and make me realize more and more terms to be enriched into my life dictionary.

Life can be great and sometimes can be tremendously awful and not pleasing. This is because life is like a circle. No matter how good you’re one day there will be a time where you will taste being at the bottom. It’s called fate and never blame that, in fact in makes you to be more mature. Being mature not necessarily to be noticed by others but to know that you are benchmarking yourself to another level of progress will make it suffice.

p/s This is a flow of thoughts from myself which does not regards anyone….


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