Messed Up ……

Life sometime can be real messed up when comes to relationship problem. There is this friend of mine was seeing her ex for some yumchar or something. FYI this guy has been confessing all over the place and there is no surprise that he confesses and says the 3 words again to her. As what she told me, he had confesses to her best friend XX, and then got rejected, to her classmate perhaps and maybe got rejected also and what make the thing to be more interesting is, this guy is attached to his gf of 3 years and yet his gf is XX’s friends as well means they know each other one.. damn…

something happen which is similar as what happens in drama like that.

I really salute this fella and cant really wait to see the ending. He move in silence as his friends are kind enough not to reveal his negative side to keep his image as a good boy or something which is again a total bull shit of the century. As everytime i went back Ipoh, i can somehow hear some really fantastic story about this guy. What i respect most is, his fierce gf seems not to know what he does out there and still believe that he is those innocent type, which i myself being fooled when i first saw him.. First impression is important but at time it make us to make the wrong judgment…


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