Last Week of June

* Taken from my Personal Logs.

Monday 25/06/2007

This is the first day of the last week of June. Thermodynamics Assignment is due today. Still finding the way to solve

the questions and its kinda scary also as this carried perhaps a number of weight in the continuous assessment. it was a

rainy day and just minutes after i drove out from the house, I saw Ang and Mun Tyng (LMT). Stopped me and tell the

that class has been postponed to the afternoon. Soon after that SMS from YC came and says the same thing.. haizzz..
I cant really understand optics.. damn

Tuesday 26/06/2007

The morning class was stressful perhaps i don catch enough sleep lately. We went to USM Nibong Tebal visiting the

Rubber Lab. Get to hands on the 2 roll mill machine and ya, it was fun in the end my labcoat was dusted with carbon

black which is being used as a filler in the rubber compounding. Fun and yet i have to soak my labcoat with double dose

of dynamo, and…. tired…

Wednesday 27/06/2007

Tensed up as tomorrow is optics midsem. they ask to postpone and this Joseph Anand blasted kau kau and in the end, we

just proceed. Ang came over and taugh us some optics and only 50/50 entered my head, was feeling uneasy the whole

nite dunno y la.. Later at nite, i realise her msn message was posted with something that i can feel is not so good to be

discussed about. i just ignore and rest.. I was darned tired to think of any other stuff at this

moment… tomorrow is the test and i need rest..

Thursday 28/06/2007

Optics test today and we joked in the over Mou Mou..we called him and in the same time create some name for him in

chinese.. me now picking up some chinese there is an urge from someone who has a position in my heart that make me

wanted to go forward..
below are names that we created for him
1. Fei Kei Wong Zi
2.Bao Yu Xiau Wang Zi..

haha and of cos there are some nonsense went around which i don think is important to be posted.

After the test i sms Jerm and there are some bad new regrading …………………

Friday 29/06/2007

Only 1 class and labtoday.. house was kinda warm and i ……………….

Came back kinda tired and slept.

Saturday 30/06/2007

Today Materials Management quiz, can say goreng most the time la. Later in the afternoon, being single and available is

sometimes real bored. So make a drive down to Kulim Golf and Country Resort as there are a job expo. and came back

tired also..

Sunday 01/07/07

Rest the whole day at home. Perhaps don like the idea of getting involve with something that concern something that don

belongs to us anymore.. care from far and cant be visible.. My dad did not come haizzz. so busy meh..


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