KungFu Lecturer

I here would like to apologize over the poor picture quality but, this is the best so far i can get as i am still have no extra pocket money which entitles me to purchase a new digital camera ..

Well, this a our lecturer that teaches us Materials Management..This guy is good at

  • making the class to be awake
  • learn the subject in a different approach
  • never use text book to teach, he has his own syllabus
  • can talk 4 hours non stop
  • like to demonstrate Kung Fu when he is lecturing
  • lame but effective jokes and he is.

Dr Chuah K.Y. from Solectron, which has been taken over by Flextronics recently.
Below are some of his KungFu style of lecturing…

Preparing to slap some one…

Slapped the someone or perhaps he missed the slap…

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