Happenings During A Week Holidays..

Saturday 16/06/0207

Today my cute brother arrived from Pahang dropping by here from Perlis, I guess he traveled the whole Malaysia de before he comes over.. been to so many places.. SO bring him over to the ROBERT fish porridge shop and eat lo.. nothing else to do here in SP.. wanna bring him over to SENSE which i hang out there during weekend also cannot i am kinda broke de.. haizzz…

Sunday 17/06/2007

I wish today was the day 2 years ago where i have a very memorable things that i wish to share later, not now.. It is the day when i think for my own sake ..the first time i do so. and 2 years later which is today, it is very gloomy and it is about to rain. i was wondering what will happen 2 years from now, doing my masters? or working in a or non MNC company or getting married or anything…. future is so damn vague..

Monday.. 18/06/2007

Today is the first day i start work.. so tiring and i prefer to study and stay home sleep as they day was so nice to sleep.. raining the whole day.. went to semeling and i kinda hate there especially at night… the security is very tight and we can barely move. feel more like a prison that being in a university

Tuesday 19/06/2007

there is a fren from kl who got to know some bad news bout me en quire to check on me.. thanks to him and to her as well. will be meeting them in kl in july if i happen to come down. oh ya, this 2 people are getting married as well. 4 years my senior back in primary… and i knew them so coincidently as they are staying near me… just happen to recall that he always bully me and whack me last time and i once throw bottles at him and make him get stitches … so he is kind a scare of me getting drunk especially when i drink from bottles.. sorry ya Jason…….. many people are getting married this 070707….

Wednesday 20/06/2007

today the stupid manager … guess what.. he don even know how to install a printer and he claimed he was in singapore before…. No Action Talk Only…go fly kite man…

Thursday 21/06/2007

usual working come back and sleep

Friday 22/06/2007

She may not remember today but… it has been 4 months already… 118 days without her…

Stary Stary night..
Paint your pallette with blue and grey
Look out on the summers day…..
.bla .. bla.. bla..
and it goes on… the same as life, it goes on as well

Last day of work, finally get to get out from this not fun place.. kakakaka


I went to KEK LOK SI.. as usual pray for me to at least get to

  • grow taller
  • better results
  • better path and future in life
  • ensure family member are all in great shape…

straight then, i went for this nuffnager bloggers gathering in Food Loft Gurney

there Kenny Sia, 5X moM are those people that i knew apart from Emily who happen to be there as well and me as a poor guy no money to but digicam.. so this photo with emily is a courtesy from her….

Emily Chong and me..

and this Kenny Sia.. ha ha and finally and very unexpectedly, i am getting a chance to have my picture to be taken with him..
Kenny Sia is one of the most influential blogger in Malaysia..

Thanks, Lance for your favour…

Nuffnagers Group PIcture

Sunday 23/06/2007

Whole day sleep at home… no mood t study for exam…d i e
tomoro is class already… back to hang myself..


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