June is the sixth month in the year. So fast the time flies and we’ are half a year older if we take January as the point to start counting. Well in June, there are some happening that I would like to share and even there are no many people visit my page, it doesn’t matter as to me blogging is just some thought sharing as well as some blasting at time.. Well i would not say its too much but just to voice out my point of view in a more polite way rather that being done verbally.

A busy person keeps an organizer. Some in the secondary school especially in Form Six uses organizer to show that they are busy and has this kinda “corporate look” well if that what they feel.. i would rather keep them in their own “to grow up world” as time passes, they will eventually knows the importance of keeping some records, a proper record rather than jotting notes and writing poems in it..

In June, most Uni are having their break and me here is having Mid Semester Exam season and we are lucky enough to have the exam schedule to be dispersed else I will end up being a horseface and Justice Pao due to lack of sleep.. Well during this examination season is the most fruitful time to glance at notes that i have not touched before for the entire semester. And there are alot of funny human behavior as well that we can see during this period.. You see time table changes abruptly at time and I am playing safe by going early to avoid congestion to get a nice shady parking as well as not be be left out if there are classes that are being scheduled earlier.. Missing classes cost money here as we are not in the Local University…

During this time as well, I have a small misunderstanding mainly miscommunication i would say with this female classmate but things are suppose to be sorted out easier and much more peaceful way. Well there are no harsh feelings on wat happened yesterday as time passes and workload increases (sometimes i increase it myself) it just went away from my mind. I would personally prefer problems no matter its big or small problems is sorted out among those who are involve and not involving a third party. This is not the right way of managing this kinda stuff as it may eventually make the situation to perhaps be more critical. Why can’t just leave the party that are involved to sort it out instead you wanna become a hero…. well sign up for a drama acting like Wong Fei Hung or Fong Sai Yuk if you wanna be hero… Malaysia no TVB, so it may have to trouble you to go Hong Kong instead..

People says when a couple breaks up its hard to become friends again.. the level of trust and friendship had gone real down.. How true is this? Very true……….Not true at all……..Well its up to our own self on how to define and decide. Perhaps breakup breaks a already broken heart further and in the event there are attempt to reconcile and it fails, the already broken heart is broken more and till the extend the broken pieces turns to become ashes. Complicated and i would therefore wanna put my fingers crossed.. no comment…

And these few months I did quite a number of traveling and to places as to Penang to run some errand. It depends on where i were and i normally stop by for a meal before i ride or drive back to Sungai Petani…Lately i found a shop in Pantai Jerejak somewhere near Queensbay Mall which serve a good meal and it is quite affordable for a student who has a limited monthly budget to live. during this period as well, i meet new person, new friends in the same time keeping in touch with friends that i have not seen for year and i am glad they are still alive. There is a friend which is doing a medical degree in AIMST, Cecillia told me that she is getting married.. Well that good for her as i am kinda sick seeing her changing boyfriends and hope to see her to have a steady relationship and not relationships.. hahaa.. Some intro to her future hubby, He is an INtellian and owns an apartment somewhere near Relau, independent, smart and pursuing his masters in USM..

Cecilia is one of many friends that could share problems, bad good medium high low time together. haha.. well Michelle(She don have an english name so this is what i name her) is another person which i can share not a lot but at least a bundle.. well it carries almost the same meaning… talking on phone, sms , msn , yahoo keep the further to be at your fingertips. haha well that’s how things goes when we have internet and computer that make things around us to seems to be invisible for a while. Well good friend are hard to find.. best friend are even harder, I learn things the hard way and i hope God will path me in appreciating things in an easier way. I only can see what is in front of me now and what that falls behind will only be picked up when self improvement is at most concerned. Well i do want to pick up some past event as they cant just be left behind. These events are what make we are today. Just that do not make an event to change you and end up neglecting individuals that are once meant to you before the new phases of life comes to greet you. We are made up of histories and we have to manage our histories well as it again make who we are today..

this is such a long post and get some eyemore if eye soar or something and if there are lenglui lengjai entao, entabo wat ever you call it, look and cuci mata abit… well i guess they are happier if you look at them more…. but i only can see my room and my toilet door right at the place where i am sitting now..

life is bored…..
Nonsense…….. Spice it up then…….
till then.. .. I need to get dinner… hungry de…


3 Responses to “J U N E M I D P O S T”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

  2. CRIZ LAI Says:

    You got spammed!! That Rodrigo selling t-shirt designs again? LOL.

    Dropping by from BlogWawasan Orient’s Voice Attendance List to see how you are. I guessed I missed you during 🙂

  3. CRIZ LAI Says:

    MAybe this is him…check it out 🙂


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