6th June 2007

I went blog hopping and realized that one important thing that some being are keen to get other people business into their own pocket and i am pretty curious how does it feels actually.. Well, you will lose a lot of opportunity in future and i don bother to tell as i am just being stupid telling you the importance of it.

PM is getting married and i think is junk issue as there are voices that whispers even before the late First lady passes away, this woman is quite significance and of course for those who don read and does not update with the correct mainstream will not be able know instead of being fooled by the legal mainstream which are known for their lameness in acquiring information.

Whether Pak Lah is getting married or not does not concern us as well as YOU.. hahahaha
I found 6 entries on this issue…

Well today is a great day for me as I am perfectly fine and stable.. not feeling anything that is wrong and whatever is it, it is not important. My brain is functioning like a computer hard disk and it deletes things pretty fast( I mean those indecent and nonsense) in another meaning, there is no point remembering jerks and assholes as i prefer to make them remain who they are.. so there will be an easier life as well as a fresher air to breath each morning..


One Response to “6th June 2007”

  1. Helen Says:

    I think the act of marriage itself is not of anybody’s business. The manner they dictate what the press should write or not is of importance.

    This is a democratic country. It is not a sin for people to be curious about their PM within the boundary of decency. 🙂

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