End of May’s thoughts…

Living in the world make me see more funny people loitering around. Those whom are being isolated in the Intensive Care unit of a hospital wannabe are still finding way to continue breathing.

Sometime we must realize there are always a way and method to change. No matter what, changing for good is always good and therefore, there are this kinda people who always look back at the past to keep them reminded that this happen before and I must hate this person for this and therefore, I will never go back.

An overhauled car is always a better car than before. Same goes with the human. Human overhaul is the change in behaviors. Attitude and charisma is dead with the person’s passing but wealth and anger, dissatisfaction will never go away and it will only be history.

I admit that these days people are kind of materialistic… well there is no reason for us to deny due to this as we are using and utilizing materials in our every day’s life. Therefore we are in the materialistic era. Therefore today on my way to my Thermodynamic class, I was wondering what that could be changed as the time passes by. I rather things are being kept constant but here I am denying that development are taking place and technology are advancing to keep the human race to be competence.

In the end,. I decided to let it flow as what it is. Just pray that there will be no increment in the rate of human zombies… Who live without knowing the fact and the truth beneath their shoes as well as behind the path that s/he has taken.. Always there are a saying never regrets in what you did as long as it compensated what you wanted to achieve in life… Time and the world had changed and we have to regret before deciding, as we never know what can happen in the end… Planning a way out is a better option that just focusing how to get it.

It’s just too risky for out limited days and hours living on earth…


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