I think I am very Unlucky. DAMMIITTTTTT

after went to get my grocery and the food top up for the month, once i reached my car,i was very surprise to see the car door being unlocked and guess what…
i went and sit on my driver seat and what i saw is the entire car is in massive mess.. i just mechanically fixed my car and now i have to spare some money to replace the stolen part..
real cibai… and it must be the job of those addicts.. old car also don wanna spare and i went around and saw another 2 car being broken in and… they are saying and cursing the same word and the same rhythm as i do..

when i went to check my boot.. to my surprise, damn…. mahai…. cheebye….
My precious PIONEER speaker which shakes the car is gone as well and therefore if u are there, u can hear the word F*** quite loud from me..

went to check whether my tire rims and thank god they are still intact…all my notes is not being taken as i think they don even know to read English or it worth nothing to them. no valuables were left in the car and i just left the car for less than an hour in the parking lot and guess what…


and there goes my savings again, saving to get a bear bear to someone who likes it …… haizzzz…

the total damage is as follows..

Pioneer Speaker RM 120.00 ( Barely a year)
DIscman RM 300.00 ( 3 years old)
AVI port RM 120.00 ( 3 Years old)
Coins RM 5.00
H/P Handsfree RM 20.00
Spare Wiper RM 5.00
Engine Oil RM 15.00

and the total and not alot as the item are being collected by me over a period of time but in less than 1 hour….RM 585.00 worth of good is being stolen from me… thanks to the folks here dammmitttt…..

picture will be uploaded soon…

p/s… my dad don even give me that much to spend sometimes and i am being get over and done with that amount within an hour.. that’s too much… i need a new set of alarm system before i install a new set of speaker…

currently feeling very very pisses…
Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le… is what i am listening now…


5 Responses to “I think I am very Unlucky. DAMMIITTTTTT”

  1. min Says:

    aiyo!! y u so malang? but u know what my mum always says? when everything bad had happened to u , your life will change!! don’t worry , tomorrow will be a better day for u !! take care!!

  2. RayChin Says:

    MIN.. thanks for your concern… now can see 2 big hole behind my car.. my dad knw sure die.. dammit..
    oh yea.. i hope the day after today will be better.

  3. Lifebook Says:

    Sorry to hear on the news.

    Agreed with min on tomorrow will be a better day. 🙂

  4. zeroimpact Says:

    Wah, so many things stolen ah
    Sure addicts ah?
    Hope things will be better tomorrow la… it always is

  5. Wai Leung Says:

    wah….so lucky ar? maybe u shud got hatyai mandi bunga la tai lou!!! lol

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