Human Behaviour

these days as the older i get the more things i see and i realize.. there are people who are reading the blog or even me as the author will get the same syndrome or perhaps experienced the same thing before. Later the day bout 2.30 pm will be my Business Ethics quiz and definitely i had studies and of course i wanted to do well.. its not that i cannot survive when i lost something but just i treat everything around me sentimentally. even a shoe, my Reebok, which has worned out and can see 2 big holes which is about the size of a junior alligator still in my safe keeping. Conclusion i just don like things to get away from me but in the case where the impossible become possible then i have nothing to say.

i believe that most of us had talk bad about other behind.. even i talk bout my dad in front of my friend as i dislike the way he work and eventually neglects the children.. well luckily the 4 of us are smart enough to take care of ourself without having gotten ourselves into major troubles. this ismy family and thou is scattered around it is still a family. there is no reason for other people to judge as each family has their own reason in making such decision. of course when comes to the youngest, which is also the toughest, we will get back and stay under 1 roof as we had fulfilled our obligation to do well in studies.

nothing is perfect in this world.. i hate perfectionist.. i really hated them alot.. this reflects myself when i am too into something.. and i really hate to see myself so.. but it is again a very subjective term to judge as it is their nature and i had accepted what comes and sometimes go away from me..not fully of course..

as nothing is perfect in this world, some people tends to make mistake and when the mistake is done,sometimes there is no UNDONE.. its not like Microsoft Office whereby you can undo mistakes.. for instance, there are some angel and saint out there were stabbing me till i bled profusely without even me knowing and definitely i will be nice to them as i am too smart to know their “kind” deeds and i am too stupid to realize.. so there is always a judgment day whereby when you needed help and you know s/he can offer you the help and can be relied on…the sad part is, you had announced to s/he that this is a useless fella,to the rest or to somebody…. this and that.. well being a duo at once… it seems oscar award is awaiting for such talent from Malaysia.

when u told the person that this is a useless fella, and suddenly assistance came from him/her, it sounds a bit funny isn’t it.. how come such a useless fella are willing to jump in to help and save the ailing me from getting in to trouble.. why is he here to help as far as i know there are all negative things about him. non is positive.. from people conversation, he seems a bad person and a total assholes.. with such condemns, and non are compliments…

well people do change according to the situation. it is very bad to judge someone from the surface. I admit i used to but now no more.. well you can try to piss me one day, and see whether my hatred will be on you or it is the other way round.. i am just kinda sad with my life a little off track… but this off track mindset will never change in certain people mind as they are too motivated and determined to think is a negative scope.. there are many people in this world are being categorized this way… and they will never go far.. my uncle is one of them…making his his wealth to be stagnant

there is a saying…

“Pretend to live is hard”,

“Live to pretend is even harder”..

well think about it…


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