Life that i wonders.

Love can make you or break you.. I dunno which terms is suitable to be applied on me but definitely it will never run away from the terms above. It seems the days of my glory is coming to the end and the things that once happened to me and done by me before this has an answer to all now..

perhaps the early version of me seldom takes responsibility on my action but guess what, i definitely has to pay for it. avoiding a crime will not make you escape from the blame.. i guess this happen when i turn down a person’s offer for me to study communication engineering in Disted Penang and the turning down wasn’t done appropriately and today i can hear some stories that are not so great about me wondering and airing about. Well at least i learned my lesson here…

but to those who had helped me through my hard day will definitely be remembered by me and i am always trying to get something for them as a signature of my appreciation towards their kind. i will definitely will not repeat the same mistake once again in my life as i find it very costly to commit a irresponsible attitude and it will not be the same when we are in a corporate world. in order to preserve the good name and image of ours, its better to just keep certain things to ourselves and try not to make people to have negative judgment about you. what is pass is passed. things will not change unless we change ourselves.

and just now i went out with my friends for a cup of tea, and again there are gossips and stories telling how corrupted the place that i am currently studying especially in the biotechnology department. i consider myself lucky as i break away from the department 2 years ago to join materials science department. well other that a better prospect in malaysia especially in this region, the management component is the part where i am interested in and i am happy to be in the course thou there may be so price that i have to pay, losing someone you love.. well if it is for the future i believe for now it is worth… no matter whether she will wait for me or not that become a second issue.. my question is.. if i can’t secure my future, how can u secure a person’s heart. if i graduate as a loser, worst still so its better to graduate as a person who are highly graded.

this post is a vow for myself i must continuously improve myself.. realizing what had been wrong all the while seems to be a lesson from the nature… where there will no lecturer, no assignment but practical as the terms in this subject.. scoring is hard and to excel is even harder.. but the outcome is marvelous if we manage to get through.. which enable us to go further in life.


One Response to “Life that i wonders.”

  1. L B Says:

    Just dropping in to say HI again… and that although I didn’t leave any comments, I read your blogging. 🙂 Chin Up!
    ps: Love the music. Great violin. So nice.

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