Weekend Post

blog entries sometimes can make wonders.. no matter how suck is their english and how they flung their grammar. still they are trying to send some message or even some hint even as a space to draw their emotion lines and draft their frustrations.

in some blogs that make sense, i gain some idea to be fitted in this entry.. reading blogs that concerns their personal life will give me some kinda impression no matter how bad and how terrible the person is feeling, the impression will never change.. vice versa..

i went through some of my toughest period in my life or perhaps i am still going through.. to this period, i learn and pick up things that i will never learn with me being the same person i am before this.. life has been hell and guess what, it has been better these days.. no doubt i am very frustrated with what had happen but even i try to change this will still be the same.. i can only change myself and no one else..

with me changing or maybe to some i do not changed at all, i do realize that people around me changes a lot. you may see a sweet innocent face walking pass you but deep inside you never know what s/he is thinking. i judge a people from a complexion wise before this and now no more.. i don care how the person looks as long as s/he is sincere. but in this hypocritically atmosphere, these 1970’s attitude before our country moved into modernization is no longer exist. people are living based on interest, and once the interest is gone they will just flung you and therefore only you see the real faces of those people that you once think they are besides you.

being in a tertiary education level exposed me to many nonsense as well. this show how complicated is the world nowadays and we are no longer living in our once called magical wonderland. perhaps it existed before but no longer it exist for me.. i believe me working hard is the only way to get my way right to the top. you can work smart all the time as assholes are always smarter that you can imagine they are.. well gals are very well at doing this tricks where when they see interest they will bump over to that guy, for instance, if that guy has a car or watsover, there is a interest in sense they can commute without having to worry the cost of travelling or even carpooling.. this is told by one of my ex classmates who happen to come down to visit me out of his company project in Penang recently.

with this, and me thinking if everything is based on interest to survive well i think my intellectual power is below par as in everything i does i always thing of others benefits before me.. reasons.. to make others happy before me.. knowing this makes me and my mind work again and i think i have to alter and tune my thinking tank to a more appropriate and suitable channel that in the end benefits others.

tomoro i am sending my car for some tuning as checkup in the same time. i just got to know that my dad is sending somebody to check my 22 years old car. at least i can save abit here. i think i can still be able to drive around as it may or may not be serious. just it happen to be lame in the cold morning.. so why need to trouble others.. it better to get those who car pool with you to get a ride immediately after i realize the problem before being stranded in the house garage waiting for help to come. guess i have done my part.. and me myself will have to get on my 9 years old bike which i once used to travel in a few state once to commute to classes again. well i think i prefer it this way as it remind the great me once before i landed myself in such a deep ditch.. deeper that the one near Ming Tien Taman Megah….

p/s just felt like tagging people for the weekend.. hahhaa


One Response to “Weekend Post”

  1. William Says:

    What you said is very true,friend.Nice reading your blog.TQ

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