hectic week

its either me raychin is being too possessive on what he currently have or he just want to secure his coming bright future ahead with machined or tons of paperworks. the dilemma is to undertake a management based or a technical based final year project, which i guess carried some weight in the way you are going to be questioned when u attend a job interview. guess i am lucky enough i were not to choose any of the technical component instead i work on management papers will at least give me some plus point from there.

sensitivity is another issue these days whereby people around me gets more and more sensitive. hormonal balancing incorrect of insufficient or the decrease of the emotional dependency as well as physical dependency. well hell knows…. question are even harder for me to answer. irrelevant at times as it may change me from writing a shallow blog content to a deep one. perhaps this is one of the way to protect the general interest as well as the community interest as well.

last night has been hell for me… taken coffee and my dinner and in less that an hour, i am vomiting like the water burst from a fire fighting engine and till this morning my body seems aching. real sorry to those i am not able to attend last night.. just to weak to wake up.. Kiok Yun de la…

well thats all for now and these days has been kinda busy day for me especially at night.. not that i am running some illegal activities but i have been trying to reconnect myself back to what i wanted most in life i guess.. this week Saturday also got class…


2 Responses to “hectic week”

  1. may Says:

    sounds like you might be overworking! slow down, take a break, and take care ya.

  2. RayChin Says:

    perhaps too, life is kinda hectic these days.. taking a lil break now when i am replying you.

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