this post will be untitled as it become very uneasy to write based on a topic. so this time i choose to have a freelance writing.

shit happens.. as we shits daily unless we are constipated there will be no shit for the day. i believe what i need now is a bunch of friends to hang out rather than to think and wonder who is actually my friend nowadays. From all this while, start to think and thought that the person that are closest to you can make the world to turn upside down without you knowing. thing will get wired up and in the end you lose everything.

there are thing that have no turning back and those who know well will never turn back. as i am i dunno. i am just waking up from a tremendous heart wrenching 3 months of nightmare. well its kinda shocking as you will never know that when the heart attack comes and attacks. pretty hurtful and i am lucky that i survived.

ignorance is bliss.. sometimes its just too stupid.. there are people outside that still cares for you and you are treating the just like a garbage. i never do this kinda thing even to my first ex gf as i think this is not right and…. there are memories and things that we could cherish. Its with herI had my first kiss well for me that’s memorable.. time and place is classified la…

i had my own principles to adhere.. just that some people violated it and it definitely pisses me off. tell me how to hate someone which i wanted to.. though i am being treated like an animal sometimes, this feelings don seems to be coming from myself. I still care for certain people here but they don want me to care for them making me to question my sincerity towards the whole thing. ppl do change and pls give the change for ppl to change for good to better of course… always thinking of the bad side of the person to just make urself hate him or her more will bring good?

sufferings… give ourself a chance to accept the person weakness and if he/she is willing to change for good that a good thing definitely.. always thinking bout the negative thing that will keep on possessing you shows that you have not moved on… memories can be kept… hatred is not necessary.. wasting time..

well during the labour day break.. I went down south.. rejuvenating new energy so I will be more energetic when i comes home. eventually things does not turn up so well as i had a dispute with my 2nd bro over a misunderstanding caused by her gf. i becomes the victim and a Ipoh fren who happens to meet me on that day eventually makes my mood becomes better a lil.. SMSes does help me to recover a bit thou i may received some nasty and unintended meaning from smses from the people i intend to voice my heart to. fuuuuiiiiiiiiiii………..

days later a friend from university malaya, visited me in Sungai Petani.. well its been a long time Tanjung Dawai, Merbok Archaeological site are among place we went to.. have seafood and thou its not a lot i am kinda full. My belly cant take much food already la. not much happens just felt a little tired and lonely as when u are tired after a few days of full activities, you just felt lazy to get ur ass out of the comfy room..


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