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End of May’s thoughts…

May 31, 2007

Living in the world make me see more funny people loitering around. Those whom are being isolated in the Intensive Care unit of a hospital wannabe are still finding way to continue breathing.

Sometime we must realize there are always a way and method to change. No matter what, changing for good is always good and therefore, there are this kinda people who always look back at the past to keep them reminded that this happen before and I must hate this person for this and therefore, I will never go back.

An overhauled car is always a better car than before. Same goes with the human. Human overhaul is the change in behaviors. Attitude and charisma is dead with the person’s passing but wealth and anger, dissatisfaction will never go away and it will only be history.

I admit that these days people are kind of materialistic… well there is no reason for us to deny due to this as we are using and utilizing materials in our every day’s life. Therefore we are in the materialistic era. Therefore today on my way to my Thermodynamic class, I was wondering what that could be changed as the time passes by. I rather things are being kept constant but here I am denying that development are taking place and technology are advancing to keep the human race to be competence.

In the end,. I decided to let it flow as what it is. Just pray that there will be no increment in the rate of human zombies… Who live without knowing the fact and the truth beneath their shoes as well as behind the path that s/he has taken.. Always there are a saying never regrets in what you did as long as it compensated what you wanted to achieve in life… Time and the world had changed and we have to regret before deciding, as we never know what can happen in the end… Planning a way out is a better option that just focusing how to get it.

It’s just too risky for out limited days and hours living on earth…


I think I am very Unlucky. DAMMIITTTTTT

May 25, 2007
after went to get my grocery and the food top up for the month, once i reached my car,i was very surprise to see the car door being unlocked and guess what…
i went and sit on my driver seat and what i saw is the entire car is in massive mess.. i just mechanically fixed my car and now i have to spare some money to replace the stolen part..
real cibai… and it must be the job of those addicts.. old car also don wanna spare and i went around and saw another 2 car being broken in and… they are saying and cursing the same word and the same rhythm as i do..

when i went to check my boot.. to my surprise, damn…. mahai…. cheebye….
My precious PIONEER speaker which shakes the car is gone as well and therefore if u are there, u can hear the word F*** quite loud from me..

went to check whether my tire rims and thank god they are still intact…all my notes is not being taken as i think they don even know to read English or it worth nothing to them. no valuables were left in the car and i just left the car for less than an hour in the parking lot and guess what…


and there goes my savings again, saving to get a bear bear to someone who likes it …… haizzzz…

the total damage is as follows..

Pioneer Speaker RM 120.00 ( Barely a year)
DIscman RM 300.00 ( 3 years old)
AVI port RM 120.00 ( 3 Years old)
Coins RM 5.00
H/P Handsfree RM 20.00
Spare Wiper RM 5.00
Engine Oil RM 15.00

and the total and not alot as the item are being collected by me over a period of time but in less than 1 hour….RM 585.00 worth of good is being stolen from me… thanks to the folks here dammmitttt…..

picture will be uploaded soon…

p/s… my dad don even give me that much to spend sometimes and i am being get over and done with that amount within an hour.. that’s too much… i need a new set of alarm system before i install a new set of speaker…

currently feeling very very pisses…
Wo Zhen De Shou Shang Le… is what i am listening now…

Human Behaviour

May 23, 2007
these days as the older i get the more things i see and i realize.. there are people who are reading the blog or even me as the author will get the same syndrome or perhaps experienced the same thing before. Later the day bout 2.30 pm will be my Business Ethics quiz and definitely i had studies and of course i wanted to do well.. its not that i cannot survive when i lost something but just i treat everything around me sentimentally. even a shoe, my Reebok, which has worned out and can see 2 big holes which is about the size of a junior alligator still in my safe keeping. Conclusion i just don like things to get away from me but in the case where the impossible become possible then i have nothing to say.

i believe that most of us had talk bad about other behind.. even i talk bout my dad in front of my friend as i dislike the way he work and eventually neglects the children.. well luckily the 4 of us are smart enough to take care of ourself without having gotten ourselves into major troubles. this ismy family and thou is scattered around it is still a family. there is no reason for other people to judge as each family has their own reason in making such decision. of course when comes to the youngest, which is also the toughest, we will get back and stay under 1 roof as we had fulfilled our obligation to do well in studies.

nothing is perfect in this world.. i hate perfectionist.. i really hated them alot.. this reflects myself when i am too into something.. and i really hate to see myself so.. but it is again a very subjective term to judge as it is their nature and i had accepted what comes and sometimes go away from me..not fully of course..

as nothing is perfect in this world, some people tends to make mistake and when the mistake is done,sometimes there is no UNDONE.. its not like Microsoft Office whereby you can undo mistakes.. for instance, there are some angel and saint out there were stabbing me till i bled profusely without even me knowing and definitely i will be nice to them as i am too smart to know their “kind” deeds and i am too stupid to realize.. so there is always a judgment day whereby when you needed help and you know s/he can offer you the help and can be relied on…the sad part is, you had announced to s/he that this is a useless fella,to the rest or to somebody…. this and that.. well being a duo at once… it seems oscar award is awaiting for such talent from Malaysia.

when u told the person that this is a useless fella, and suddenly assistance came from him/her, it sounds a bit funny isn’t it.. how come such a useless fella are willing to jump in to help and save the ailing me from getting in to trouble.. why is he here to help as far as i know there are all negative things about him. non is positive.. from people conversation, he seems a bad person and a total assholes.. with such condemns, and non are compliments…

well people do change according to the situation. it is very bad to judge someone from the surface. I admit i used to but now no more.. well you can try to piss me one day, and see whether my hatred will be on you or it is the other way round.. i am just kinda sad with my life a little off track… but this off track mindset will never change in certain people mind as they are too motivated and determined to think is a negative scope.. there are many people in this world are being categorized this way… and they will never go far.. my uncle is one of them…making his his wealth to be stagnant

there is a saying…

“Pretend to live is hard”,

“Live to pretend is even harder”..

well think about it…

Life that i wonders.

May 21, 2007
Love can make you or break you.. I dunno which terms is suitable to be applied on me but definitely it will never run away from the terms above. It seems the days of my glory is coming to the end and the things that once happened to me and done by me before this has an answer to all now..

perhaps the early version of me seldom takes responsibility on my action but guess what, i definitely has to pay for it. avoiding a crime will not make you escape from the blame.. i guess this happen when i turn down a person’s offer for me to study communication engineering in Disted Penang and the turning down wasn’t done appropriately and today i can hear some stories that are not so great about me wondering and airing about. Well at least i learned my lesson here…

but to those who had helped me through my hard day will definitely be remembered by me and i am always trying to get something for them as a signature of my appreciation towards their kind. i will definitely will not repeat the same mistake once again in my life as i find it very costly to commit a irresponsible attitude and it will not be the same when we are in a corporate world. in order to preserve the good name and image of ours, its better to just keep certain things to ourselves and try not to make people to have negative judgment about you. what is pass is passed. things will not change unless we change ourselves.

and just now i went out with my friends for a cup of tea, and again there are gossips and stories telling how corrupted the place that i am currently studying especially in the biotechnology department. i consider myself lucky as i break away from the department 2 years ago to join materials science department. well other that a better prospect in malaysia especially in this region, the management component is the part where i am interested in and i am happy to be in the course thou there may be so price that i have to pay, losing someone you love.. well if it is for the future i believe for now it is worth… no matter whether she will wait for me or not that become a second issue.. my question is.. if i can’t secure my future, how can u secure a person’s heart. if i graduate as a loser, worst still so its better to graduate as a person who are highly graded.

this post is a vow for myself i must continuously improve myself.. realizing what had been wrong all the while seems to be a lesson from the nature… where there will no lecturer, no assignment but practical as the terms in this subject.. scoring is hard and to excel is even harder.. but the outcome is marvelous if we manage to get through.. which enable us to go further in life.

Weekend Post

May 20, 2007
blog entries sometimes can make wonders.. no matter how suck is their english and how they flung their grammar. still they are trying to send some message or even some hint even as a space to draw their emotion lines and draft their frustrations.

in some blogs that make sense, i gain some idea to be fitted in this entry.. reading blogs that concerns their personal life will give me some kinda impression no matter how bad and how terrible the person is feeling, the impression will never change.. vice versa..

i went through some of my toughest period in my life or perhaps i am still going through.. to this period, i learn and pick up things that i will never learn with me being the same person i am before this.. life has been hell and guess what, it has been better these days.. no doubt i am very frustrated with what had happen but even i try to change this will still be the same.. i can only change myself and no one else..

with me changing or maybe to some i do not changed at all, i do realize that people around me changes a lot. you may see a sweet innocent face walking pass you but deep inside you never know what s/he is thinking. i judge a people from a complexion wise before this and now no more.. i don care how the person looks as long as s/he is sincere. but in this hypocritically atmosphere, these 1970’s attitude before our country moved into modernization is no longer exist. people are living based on interest, and once the interest is gone they will just flung you and therefore only you see the real faces of those people that you once think they are besides you.

being in a tertiary education level exposed me to many nonsense as well. this show how complicated is the world nowadays and we are no longer living in our once called magical wonderland. perhaps it existed before but no longer it exist for me.. i believe me working hard is the only way to get my way right to the top. you can work smart all the time as assholes are always smarter that you can imagine they are.. well gals are very well at doing this tricks where when they see interest they will bump over to that guy, for instance, if that guy has a car or watsover, there is a interest in sense they can commute without having to worry the cost of travelling or even carpooling.. this is told by one of my ex classmates who happen to come down to visit me out of his company project in Penang recently.

with this, and me thinking if everything is based on interest to survive well i think my intellectual power is below par as in everything i does i always thing of others benefits before me.. reasons.. to make others happy before me.. knowing this makes me and my mind work again and i think i have to alter and tune my thinking tank to a more appropriate and suitable channel that in the end benefits others.

tomoro i am sending my car for some tuning as checkup in the same time. i just got to know that my dad is sending somebody to check my 22 years old car. at least i can save abit here. i think i can still be able to drive around as it may or may not be serious. just it happen to be lame in the cold morning.. so why need to trouble others.. it better to get those who car pool with you to get a ride immediately after i realize the problem before being stranded in the house garage waiting for help to come. guess i have done my part.. and me myself will have to get on my 9 years old bike which i once used to travel in a few state once to commute to classes again. well i think i prefer it this way as it remind the great me once before i landed myself in such a deep ditch.. deeper that the one near Ming Tien Taman Megah….

p/s just felt like tagging people for the weekend.. hahhaa

hectic week

May 10, 2007
its either me raychin is being too possessive on what he currently have or he just want to secure his coming bright future ahead with machined or tons of paperworks. the dilemma is to undertake a management based or a technical based final year project, which i guess carried some weight in the way you are going to be questioned when u attend a job interview. guess i am lucky enough i were not to choose any of the technical component instead i work on management papers will at least give me some plus point from there.

sensitivity is another issue these days whereby people around me gets more and more sensitive. hormonal balancing incorrect of insufficient or the decrease of the emotional dependency as well as physical dependency. well hell knows…. question are even harder for me to answer. irrelevant at times as it may change me from writing a shallow blog content to a deep one. perhaps this is one of the way to protect the general interest as well as the community interest as well.

last night has been hell for me… taken coffee and my dinner and in less that an hour, i am vomiting like the water burst from a fire fighting engine and till this morning my body seems aching. real sorry to those i am not able to attend last night.. just to weak to wake up.. Kiok Yun de la…

well thats all for now and these days has been kinda busy day for me especially at night.. not that i am running some illegal activities but i have been trying to reconnect myself back to what i wanted most in life i guess.. this week Saturday also got class…

Well things to share to all,..

May 7, 2007

This are pictures that I rompak from my email and I legally post it here.. U know la sometimes we this kind half smart half stupid people is kinda out of idea in the same time don like to brag too much…

well the pictured aren’t captioned… U all see already then U all think la..

Kindly use your own jurisdiction… wat ever happen after the viewing will be at your own risk.
wanna throw up find a plastic bag and get ready.. wanna faint call 999 beforehand and wanna scream pls get a blanket and cover ur self… sound pollution and if see straight wanna die.. call the undertaker so can perpare KUN CHOI for u…

well take care… hahhaha

Roses Charm

May 6, 2007

roses symbolizes the love and affection of the presenter to the acceptor.
well this is a story.. true story

a guy who gives his gf a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day 2005 which fall on February 14th

they broke up on April 5th 2005

after 8 weeks… and thats the first time he gave her roses..

the same guy….

gives a bouquet of rose to his next gf on Christmas 2006….

they broke up on February 22nd the same year…

again after 8 weeks…

can it be a curse of its just coincident

kinda scary when to think of this…


May 6, 2007

this post will be untitled as it become very uneasy to write based on a topic. so this time i choose to have a freelance writing.

shit happens.. as we shits daily unless we are constipated there will be no shit for the day. i believe what i need now is a bunch of friends to hang out rather than to think and wonder who is actually my friend nowadays. From all this while, start to think and thought that the person that are closest to you can make the world to turn upside down without you knowing. thing will get wired up and in the end you lose everything.

there are thing that have no turning back and those who know well will never turn back. as i am i dunno. i am just waking up from a tremendous heart wrenching 3 months of nightmare. well its kinda shocking as you will never know that when the heart attack comes and attacks. pretty hurtful and i am lucky that i survived.

ignorance is bliss.. sometimes its just too stupid.. there are people outside that still cares for you and you are treating the just like a garbage. i never do this kinda thing even to my first ex gf as i think this is not right and…. there are memories and things that we could cherish. Its with herI had my first kiss well for me that’s memorable.. time and place is classified la…

i had my own principles to adhere.. just that some people violated it and it definitely pisses me off. tell me how to hate someone which i wanted to.. though i am being treated like an animal sometimes, this feelings don seems to be coming from myself. I still care for certain people here but they don want me to care for them making me to question my sincerity towards the whole thing. ppl do change and pls give the change for ppl to change for good to better of course… always thinking of the bad side of the person to just make urself hate him or her more will bring good?

sufferings… give ourself a chance to accept the person weakness and if he/she is willing to change for good that a good thing definitely.. always thinking bout the negative thing that will keep on possessing you shows that you have not moved on… memories can be kept… hatred is not necessary.. wasting time..

well during the labour day break.. I went down south.. rejuvenating new energy so I will be more energetic when i comes home. eventually things does not turn up so well as i had a dispute with my 2nd bro over a misunderstanding caused by her gf. i becomes the victim and a Ipoh fren who happens to meet me on that day eventually makes my mood becomes better a lil.. SMSes does help me to recover a bit thou i may received some nasty and unintended meaning from smses from the people i intend to voice my heart to. fuuuuiiiiiiiiiii………..

days later a friend from university malaya, visited me in Sungai Petani.. well its been a long time Tanjung Dawai, Merbok Archaeological site are among place we went to.. have seafood and thou its not a lot i am kinda full. My belly cant take much food already la. not much happens just felt a little tired and lonely as when u are tired after a few days of full activities, you just felt lazy to get ur ass out of the comfy room..