End Post

While sipping my freshly boiled coffee, under the shadow of the florescent light in Winchem (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, it was a very relaxing feeling to know that the training here is coming to the end and the suffering has just started.

Why am I saying so is… during the entire of the training, I truly gained a lot in the same time I lost many things subsequently and I am taking I calmly at the moment without having to be frustrated as I know deep inside that I will gain back what I have lost before this in a greater payback. Who know by sacrificing the private life thing may get a little better as the focus weight are more on other subjects.

This entire period make me realize the importance of an attachment. Of course to those who are working on their relationship, all the best to them but in the same time to those who are making life difficult to others, May god bless you. Even though things are destined to be at times but to cause a mess and havoc to other using word of discouragement and dissatisfaction will lead to an unhappy life if the party gets to know on what is actually happening.

Definitely the truth will always be siding the right ones. To encourage and to help other may eventually assist in making life to be a bit easier. Having me to know truth upon my recovery make me think if I have the right person for me to trust. Definitely I have but I am still waiting for God the almighty to show me the right one.

At time I can help feeling lonely as part of mine has been attached to someone dearly and mistakes that I does is I do not know who to express my love to her making her to think that I actually do not love her. Haha..big mistakes huh…There are many reason for me to stay but still I will be alone at home. Therefore, leaving the place a while to get myself around the country seems the best and the right choice. As today, this may be the last post that I will post for now as I don’t know even when I will be back entertaining my soul with things that I normally do.
Just I hope that after I make my comeback, I am expecting myself to change for better. Still the wounded I still have a long way to go. And for sure I know I am getting wiser and stronger by day.. This period of time has really make me to see through thing and I have to be thankful to people who chatted to me personally, via messenger as well as those who called and I called. You guys really make me realize who the heck is with me and against me..

Definitely things will change after this and I myself how much the changes will take place.. too subjective and its just too early to tell..


One Response to “End Post”

  1. L B Says:

    Wishing you all the best, Ray… Good luck, take care, and be well.. Hope to see you back in great shape again!

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