Life ..2

Parting with someone u love and care will never be a good experience especially when u felt that u are so in love and attached with that person, starting to love and see future.. Well thats just part of it. Time to start a new life thou what that I experience may be harsh and painful.. As the day passes, I just can hope it will eventually gets better.

Tears that ran down as waterfalls will eventually reach a place called river. When the heart says its enough, the river of tears will eventually turn into drops and then dried off. Life is very unpredictable as well. There will be thousand perhaps million of ups and downs. This cant be foreseen.

Friend around are supportive while family will let us handle our own. For them its not their business. Its our business. Those friends, U know who u are.

Thanks a million….


7 Responses to “Life ..2”

  1. me Says:

    RayChin, love is not about everything in life! you still got family and friends around !!:) i’ve also been through the hardest point of life! and now that i’m still surviving!! 🙂 take care

  2. raychin Says:

    just wondering who is me here. pls be humble to email me..

  3. me Says:

    🙂 i normally post and blog annonymously
    here’s my blogsite:

  4. Wennnn Says:

    Ray…. no worry la.. U hv plenty of frens here…everyone has their up and downs but U will soon get up from it la..

  5. RayChin Says:

    wenn. thanks for droppin in

    well things are going fine.. just can pray for the best..

  6. me Says:

    yes!! u do have lotsa friends! count me in !!

  7. RayChin Says:

    u have msn or something?
    add me here

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