Party In Winchem…

Recently and accidentally I was being lured to a small party by the members of the technical team of the Paint and Ink Department while I was eating the rice that I packed earlier on today. The feast today comprises of my Nasi Separuh Kandar from a Malay vendor and a dozen of chapati that feed us all till the throat horizon… deng…

Below are the picture just before we started walloping the food on the table.. this time, really no control.

Looi is walloping the chapatti…walauehhhh

Proud of my Nasi Separuh Kandar….

Well thats all for now.. Food is always not enough..

2 Responses to “Party In Winchem…”

  1. kyh Says:

    wahhhh!!! malu to say, i havent tried chapatti b4 leh… how does it taste like? same like roti canai???

  2. zeroimpact Says:

    Wow, that is a nice meal leh
    Nasi kandar is good food
    Not forgetting chapatti

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