Morning Evergreen Ride To Work

People may know that I may be to silly to travel by bike to work everyday. 50 Km per trip which makes up to 100 km back and forth does make the journey to be long and exciting and yet a slow morning ride, breathing in the fresh virgin air free from hydrocarbons at least make the sleepy and the small Japanese eye of mine to open up.

Along the way, I saw a railway track. This makes me to recall back the story that my dad used to tell me. A wrong doing when he was young, a struggle of life to make ends meet. A strive to retain and obtain education. This is what he used to do. I truly admire him and by not forgetting the grassroots, here He is today, sitting on a managerial position in one of the oil palm conglomerate in this country, Malaysia.

Once when he was my age, my grandpa is too poor to school him. He does not give up yet to take up a part time job as a 4D number collector. ( this ppl use to go around to hunt for 4D numbers ). At that time that was the only option he has and its either do or die. The pay was RM 20 per week and that amount was a great amount back in 70’s.

The railway station reminds me as my dad used to tell me that he once used railway as a way to escape from the police road block. That fine afternoon, he was rushing back home after finishing the collection for the day. Having an afternoon class, he had to rush home and attend school and yet, there’s road block.

He therefore took a shortcut to the railway and pull his borrowed motorbike and ride on the railway. Just that I cant imagine how shaky to ride was but to save time and maintaining his priority, for him this is the best way.. This was told to me by my dad when I saw him during the recent Chinese New Year. I barely have time for my relatives as the holidays I have is limited.

Having looking at the railway makes my heart ponder and wonder how hard is the life of those people those days and how lucky I am to be on this place now. No doubt my dad had trained us since young by dumping all 4 of us to boarding school when we entered secondary life. The hard time that he went though makes him treasure his past that eventually path the way to where he is now. Always he will remind me to not forget where I came from, our grass roots and never be shy to admit that emerged from a poor family initially.

Outsiders view may not be important, the annual bonding session we had during Chinese New Year is a satisfactory occasion as people around will never see me as happy as before. This is the time when I waited most. We brothers have no choice as we are parted to pursue our dreams.


9 Responses to “Morning Evergreen Ride To Work”

  1. angel Says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment you left just now. I’m sorry to know that your mom left you 4 years ago…

    First time here tho’ I think I’ve ‘seen’ you at L B’s before πŸ™‚

    Yes, we are now very very lucky compared to the earlier generations. So, don’t ever take things for granted πŸ˜‰

  2. kyh Says:

    wow! u’re a dai siu yeh ah??? kekeke!!!

    travel by bike? motorbike or cina mia basikal???

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    I like the bike too… but then only when there was someone as my passenger… hmmmmm
    The bonding in a family is sacred and great, and of not never take things for granted all the time

  4. may Says:

    that’s a long way to travel by bike. and yes, we’re all much luckier than when our parents were our age.

    yet to think… 20, 30 years down the road, our kids would be in the same situation that we’re in, where they’re luckier than we are now!

  5. RayChin Says:

    mom passing is a bliss.. thou I may be sad, there;s a friend of mine, which is featured in my blog does tells me to move on and do not think of the past.. her words works as if i am only listening to her.. someone special perhaps.. now? i dunno..

    my bike is a honda 100cc le… but can go up to the max 120km/h only.. cannot go further as don have the capacity to go summore

    definitely i too love to have a person pillion ride me.. as if now is she’s still around, its my pleasure to… ahahaha

    of course things does change.. ppl too. they can betray u anytime they want just to get what ever they dream t..

  6. Chen Says:

    Sad to say that many youngsters nowadays take things for granted. They don’t appreciate what they have, and instead they complaint & grumble over small matters. They should count their blessings instead.

  7. RayChin Says:

    guess we had a good time meeting up with the rest last week.

    well things are always taken for granted.. its an easy and happy going life for them now. even for myself, i find myself falling into that category sometimes.. I had to admit.. as i am one of those youngsters also. its the matter of whether u knw when to get hold to urself.. perhaps self cautions is best in all cases..

  8. Helen Says:

    I guess your father’s early struggles were not in vain. It had made him a better parent and command greater respect from his bike riding son!! πŸ™‚

  9. RayChin Says:

    Dear Helen..

    sometimes struggle are mean to be, when it mean to be.. He is a person who go all out and perhaps i inherited some of his traits..

    I do respect him alot but wat sadden me is he don really see much of my side for almost 10 years… force me to grow up before time that makes me to miss my colourful teenage life..
    but nw i am back.

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