Today’s work may be hectic, matching the Grey colour took me a day to complete. And today as well i realize that the world is not that beautiful after all. There are a lot games being played in order to survive in this competitive world. There are a lot of truants involved when comes to business and there are also a lot of bad people that make life to be complicated, more complicated that usual.

Industrial training is a base when i will never forget. This is the time I gained knowledge and experience and the same time lose my love’s ones. Pretty hard to imagine. There are a saying. U gain some U lose some, in this case, i dunno I gain more than I lose or I lose more than I gain. This is a big question mark here. Working like mad make me to realize that materials is not what most important. Is the bonding that we shall have between the members of the floor in the family institution.

I called up my dad today, to my surprise he answered my call despite an hectic schedule. He was in Kuantan, attending a Managerial Committee Meeting, dunno what they call it but its something like that. chatted a while and ask when to go back see “Mother”. Perhaps end of this month or early next month. I hope this time can go back..


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