Lonely Person awake in the morning.

At this hour, all my house mates are asleep leaving me pondering along with the starless dark sky, cold morning breeze that doze into my room make my room sounds like an air cond room. Its kinda cold here and I hate to be lonely, and available at this moment. Having someone special to cuddle seems the best of all now. My past has kill myself off slowly, bit by bit without me realizing.

The past as well does counter attack the current me now. Which is not fair at all. Same like a prisoner which demands a brighter life but eventually the social perspective on him tarnished his confidence and self respect that leads him to hell over again.

There is one question from a friend of mine, how can u stand with your body condition now. I answered, I dunno, I have to ask my body to stand till the last breath. So I will feel the satisfaction after all. They say I am crazy. I dunno. Perhaps what I am writing now is just a fictions. Facts are not involved. Sleeping now as tomorrow is another crazy day as well.


2 Responses to “Lonely Person awake in the morning.”

  1. zeroimpact Says:

    I think that we are all like that
    Doing crazy things all the time
    The body can take much bashing as we do not realize it
    Time will tell its tale
    Take care

  2. RayChin Says:

    body gets tired eventually. no worries as I am still tough here standing

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