Updates N now I am updating

To start with, I also dunno where to start.. Well yesterday on my way to work, there is an accident involving me that put me into hold for few hours.. Of cos those asses that put me on hold are the police officers that are investigating the case.. There is one question when they ask and i remembered well. They asked me why I show down. I say I wanna get into hold of something important. Things that do not leave me since it was given to me. A Voodoo.. Yakekekekeek…

They are stunned when I show them the voodoo. Then I am done.. Thats all they ask. No more.. don wish to go into details as this is not a good thing to talk about. Talk bout the voodoo.. Once there is a person who is important in my life ( Act there are many ppl who are imp) knows that I am struggling for my semester, and knowing the superstitious me, superstitious solution will definitely buys the deal with me.

Frankly I love the voodoo a lot but in the same time making people to buy and spend on me make me feel guilty.. She however *( Now you knw she is a lenglui) do not mind and thus i put it together with me, a bag which i carry in and out. Show that i appreciate the gift thou I may not have money that time to return her favour..

I even brought it in the exam Hall and guess wat, I did kinda well. Not bluffung or exaggerating….Sometimes really have to believe this one la. And yesterday It almost fell from my HondaChampion Cup therefore I try to salvage it la… To people I may be stupid to risk my life over this but deep inside, they never know sometimes the smallest thing in the world could cause the heart tenderness to become adrenaline.

Passing the place today reminds me the happenings that took place yesterday. I wish to go back to the time that I had with her. But fate kept us apart and doubts thickens. Tomorrow is another day of working. Hate to travel…will remember forever..


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