23 years of fantastic life

Well today is my 23rd birthday, the number of the great Michael Jordan…Precisely, present will come on my doorstep by this year i intend to ask some extra stuff which involves no money, perhaps a sweet small gestures from a long lost friend who is now a blogger also… Here I wouild want to introduce HolyVictim which I knew when I was doing my E&E in Inti International University College.
I ask for a keychain by in return he gave something more than a keychain… This is what i mean.. The photos is being taken when we are celebrating Tang Lung festival.. really miss that time.. It brought back the memories.. sweet and meaningful memories… Thank Victor a.k.a Holyvictim..

Me and Victor back in 2004
This is his postee.. Thanks a lot fren….

The second present is from Yenchiew and Jermyn…which is a bolster.. I was wondering why I need one.. perhaps what is in their mind is to keep me company out of the loneliness.. Thanks..Picture is yet to be taken as i am kinda heavy hearted to use the new item.. It will be a pleasure to use them when the old one is worn out.

3 Responses to “23 years of fantastic life”

  1. L B Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ray Chin!!!!
    Have a good weekend too, eat well, be happy, relax, and drink lots!!! CHEERS!!!

  2. Wai Leung Says:

    hahaha…don’t mention man!!! sure u’ll get a keychain when i am back for holiday!!! btw, we aren’t really that long lost aren’t we?

  3. kyh Says:

    happy belated bday!!!!! paiseh la came in here a week late! *blush* *cari lubang to hide*

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