Stupid Tuesday

The mood at the working place is not as decent as the day before.. Way back then I am contended with the no U turn feeling that turns my

  1. Mood
  2. Gesture
  3. Appetite
  4. as well as body weight to be down.
The same time, there is a feeling of competence whereby I am competing with myself to win something that myself want since the beginning of my life here. Promises is made and time determined when will it be broken it seems..

On the way, I took an emergency half day leave from the company which I had my training to check the status of the current financial situation which has a bunch of screw up people as well as corrupted and pea brained administrator to run the so call most important department in the entire University.

It almost took my life away as I was involved in 2 semi major minor accident.

First one is when a group of biker had one of their biker’s tires punctured.. Then all emergency braked their bike. I was behind will have to do the same. And manage to escape by plugging my bike to the side of the road…

Second one was involving a 40footer truck.. Their Tayar Celup had worn out and there are small debries flying from the side of the truck..
Before I could stop, the entire flakes of the tire flung out and making me to run over the pieces which I could not avoid.. DAMN..

This is the day where I risked my life to come back expecting someone to smile at me at least.. cheer me up and make me happy… Friday will hopefully be an exciting day for me.. Thou it seems to be a boring one, deep inside.. I will leave to for the GOD to decide.

4 Responses to “Stupid Tuesday”

  1. ah nel Says:

    nest time took mc n save ur leave…LOL

  2. Cutie Says:

    woi, what happen to you? Why ur life sound so depressing one… Cheer up ler. U are not the Chin I used to know… Smile Always k. 🙂

  3. raychin Says:

    ah nel.. hahah thanks for dropping by

    cutie.. act life kinda tough here. perhaps i shall say that i lost some of the most imp person in my life…

  4. Selba Says:

    Hi Ray…


    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday… Happy Birthday…
    Happy Birthday to Ray

    Wishing all the best for the year ahead.

    Be happy OK 🙂

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