Monday is here..

I was wondering how can i cope with the pressure in my workplace after so much of heart breaking moment this week. It seems that was I felt in presence of my heart was not being realized.

I would say everyday that reached my workplace, my heart is pinging to tell you that I had reached by ringing you.. Now I couldn’t.. This make me suffer…

Each time there is a break, I would want to exchange messages with you, there will be no reply that makes me upset…

Lunch will be a long break without you as I used to send you messages to tell you what I had done in half a day.. I wish I could now… But The same goes to no reply..

Each day.. after work at 5.30 pm, I will be the first who left.. To rush home to see you… During your break, I was reaching my friends in Genting,to plan a vacation for us, So with my salary I could give you a trip there, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of courtship..

Definitely this will be a surprise but now no more… Each time I saw the booking ticket online, tears flows like a rain after a drought.. continuously.. non stop quenching every single drops from my broken heart… A day of work is a day of torture for me.. Working enthusiasm, and the reason I come all the way so far to work is to fulfill my promises made to you earlier on. All I want in this life is to make you happy after being selfish by taking all the time to myself and leave very little to you.

I may look strong, tough and calm.. In front of other people this is what I have to adhere to gain respect. Hard part of mine.. The soft part….

Winchem toilet has been a place where again my tears flows when the heart follows its emotion.. NO one had know me for breaking down hourly in the toilet as they may think I went to get some fresh air.. I had to break this out so it will not be a trace of my tears in any ink that i mix. I tried to be strong but this is a big blow to me.




6 Responses to “Monday is here..”

  1. Wennnn Says:

    HI RAy..thanks for dropping by my blog… dun la so sad… liek U said to me in my blog thnk of happy tots lor…. I see U added me too tenkiu… will come by more often.. Now I am bek in m’sia and too hyper… not enuf time yet to read all but I am sure I will when I get bek to UK.. heheheheh U take care ah.. dun be so sad lor…..dun cry I bring U tissue okie.. wipe tears now no more crying must be smilling now…

  2. kyh Says:

    wah u sound like u’re “sat luin” leh…. how come?

    go out… inhale some fresh air… hv some happy moments… and yeah… that wud make u jz fine!

  3. L B Says:

    Dammit…. I hate Mondays too!!!

  4. Helen Says:

    I’ve not been checking blogs and imagine my surprise reading this post.


    Let’s look forward to better times ahead!!

  5. Chen Says:

    hope tomorrow will be a better day

  6. RayChin Says:

    Wenn..Now ok de la.. have to pretend ok also la as daily have to face so many people.

    kyh.. I am losing some of the most imp person in my life.. feels someting like sat liun also la…

    Monday is a stupid day.. Anticlimax day

    tomoro will be a better day.. make me harder inside

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