Another Sunday

This is the first non working Sunday that I can make the full use of it to rest at home. Eventually I had accustomed by body clock to sleep for 6 hours like that. Waking up at 12.00 noon after sleeping at about 5.00 am is making the day to be a little longer than the usual weekends.

The same day today I went to fix my bike and guess what, the O ring and the gasket are leaking fluids and making the bike to almost get stalled. Just imagine traveling on the North South Highway at the full speed of 120 km/h and suddenly this is to happen. The only thing that I have in mind is to tow the bike to the nearest stop which I dunno where.

There is another person whom I know who is feeling down today.. Wish I can be at her side consoling her but it seems that she managed to handled it by herself. Thing are going up and down sometimes deeper that a steep ravine. To climb up needs sometime and to fail means to meet the creator at an earlier hour.

My day is coming in 5 days time.. Just pray hard that I will be fine on that fine day and will be getting what I treasure most as a birthday Present… cheers…


6 Responses to “Another Sunday”

  1. L B Says:

    Sundays are for rest and recreation.. A body needs to rest, otherwise the O rings will be koyak too!!

  2. RayChin Says:

    yaya.. the body O ring also will koyak.. now having my dinner.. U there take care la.

  3. may Says:

    I think my ‘engine’ needs an overhaul, haha… and Happy Early Birthday to you, in case I forget!

  4. RayChin Says:

    May, what car are u driving.. Just wash my bike and spray some water into the exhaust to clean the carbon… hope the bike will be lighter and more powerful tomoro.

    thanks for ur b day wish..

  5. cutie Says:

    Hey Chin,

    Of course I remember you. It’s been a long long time since I last saw you. How’s everything? Are u in KL? Pls do keep in touch. Oh btw, Happy Early Birthday!!! And you make sure u visit my blog more often. hehe.. I will too…


  6. RayChin Says:

    Hi cutie..

    thanks for remembering me.. it has been quite awhile.. when are you and vince getting married.. I am hoping that i can have a lasting relationship as u both have..

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