There are quite a number of people that are born in this Month of March. Me too. March 16 is the date when i came out from my mother’s womb. Though I did not mention perhaps I hope that people that can make my wish to be granted will make my wish dream come true.

Happy Birthday to LB… I dunno how old you are this year..Sorry for wishing you so late.. Here I would wanna start a small tiny little tag in order for me to have further information on what you guys want.

The title is…10 things on What you want and DO NOT want on your birthday.

Among the things that I want are

  1. Dinner with Family which I rarely get
  2. Dinner with the loved one which I doubt I have
  3. Bachelor party with Primary School Friends
  4. Eat Pak Cham Kai with grandpa Special Soy sauce mixed with garlic and ginger juice
  5. Wanna grow taller so can Kau Lui Easier..
  6. Want a pair of Boot with heel so can get taller.. if I don grow anymore
  7. Want life to be back before Chinese New Year
  8. Want to have a dream seeing my late mother which passes away a day before Valentine
  9. Want to fulfill my promises that I made to someone who I loved most.
  10. Want to have a happy year that able to make any of my little wish becomes true.. hahahha

Among the things that I don want

  1. Sad happenings a month before my birthday
  2. Do not want to hear everyone in the family was busy on my Day
  3. Receive present which money can buy.. There are many things money cant buy..
  4. Trouble my friends treating me as we are still studying
  5. Birthday that falls on a working day.. A Friday
  6. My dad that calls me up as he is being reminded not that he remembered my day
  7. To be sad
  8. To be lonely deep inside my heart
  9. To be emotionally break down
  10. To be stucked at home… I had planned something before the February incident..


Those ppl that i wanna shoot this to are

  • LB
  • May
  • Selba
  • SinLing
  • YenChiew
  • ChenYeng

    that all…. tomoro is another stupid working day…


11 Responses to “PrePrePre…”

  1. L B Says:

    First of all, thank you for your Birthday Wishes… 🙂 No need to know how old I am, because if you do, you’ll start calling me Uncle, which I really don’t think is a great idea!! LOL..

    I’ll take your TAG happily, but it will have to go on my long list of TAGs I have still to do!! Arghhh.. This is a good tag. I like it.. I will enjoy doing it. Thanks, again..

    May your wishes come true, at least some of them, on the 16th!! Pisces Forever!!

  2. Selba Says:

    Hi there… 🙂

    Thanks for tagging me!

    I’ll do it soon, promise!!!

    Psstt.. don’t be sad that you gotta work tomorrow.. me also need to work from home, coz’ of stupid dateline on monday, kekeke…

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

  3. Chen Says:

    happy birthday in advance
    hope the things u want & hope your dreams will come true 🙂

  4. RayChin Says:

    LB.. dunno la. perhaps If i call u uncle, I myself may look like an uncle also.

    Selba, Working here is something like a ball being transfered whenever they feel they want to.. Kinda taxing la.

    Chen..I hope my dreams can come true also. No one knw except myself what i want..

  5. may Says:

    I’m here, I’m here! hahaha… sorry it took me awhile, was so tired last night. thanks for the tag too, though I’ll have to put this in queue with 3 others that I owe… eek! I’ll get around to it soon.

  6. RayChin Says:


    Its ok. take your time then..

  7. kyh Says:

    oh jus notice u’ve blogrolled me! gee thx!!! i’ll reciprocate in jz a min. 😉

    ur bday falls in march? my early bday wish to you…

    u oso want to be taller? hahaha… me too! so sad bout my height! and i wanna gain some weight too! cant get fat no matter how much i eat!

    happy weekend!

  8. RayChin Says:

    KYH.. one tips.. sleep more.. then sure can get fat one la… mauahaah

  9. kyh Says:

    aiya i cant sleep early one… me nocturnal… that’s why i’m like walking corpse!!! and panda eyes! wah so horrible!

  10. RayChin Says:

    wah… keng.. then must do something to make u tired la.. then easier to sleep la.. play games or try to work out poor KYH

  11. L B Says:

    I finally got your TAG done… 🙂

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