ahahhhaha.. it has been a while i guess… I am hiding in my own room thinking of so many things and now I am ready to go to the battlefield again.. MaRch is a month if fun it I were to relate it with but also a month of sorrow as I lost the person I loved most..guess who huh.. Perhaps in this world, now and ever, no one can replace her as she has been a part of me since I learn to live strong, a support the the cripple me in the same time gives confidence to me as well as motivation.

There are so many thing happening around and this month is the month where I was borned dunno how many years ago.. There are memories with this person as well but, the person i meant is not with me anymore. this is the sad part. Well, I do know how important the person is but the stupid me do not show my feeling as thinking thru action.. DUMB.. If I were to do so, the person will definitely feel it and we will be good till now..

Till then, now I am seriously taking the initiative the change myself, be more romantic till i can melt chilled ice cubes. Deep in my heart, the regrets that I bear is too much unless she can forgive me..

be happy always over there, there are alot of memories down the road.. The memories is that keeping me alive till now..


4 Responses to “harloooooowwww”

  1. L B Says:

    Don’t fret too much.. This is the time for you to show how much stronger you can be, t6o find inner strength, so that she will know what she is missing. Be strong, and be well, my friend. Do not let it get you down too much.. A bit, yeah.. But, you know you will survive! Yes?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    … =( u seem very sad.. dun be sad dat it’s over.. be glad dat it happen. dere’s alwiz dawn after dusk =)

  3. Wai Leung Says:

    yo friend…i lost someone i love this month too…but anyway…think they are now living a better life!! btw, its ur birthday oso tis month, so wish u happy birthday in advance!!! cheers dude!

  4. RayChin Says:

    I knw that u have lost someone too. felt bad tht i can see him for the last time as I was in Ipoh that time.

    LB, thanks 4 ur support. life seems to be like this forever as it seems.. just let it be then

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