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Party In Winchem…

March 29, 2007
Recently and accidentally I was being lured to a small party by the members of the technical team of the Paint and Ink Department while I was eating the rice that I packed earlier on today. The feast today comprises of my Nasi Separuh Kandar from a Malay vendor and a dozen of chapati that feed us all till the throat horizon… deng…

Below are the picture just before we started walloping the food on the table.. this time, really no control.

Looi is walloping the chapatti…walauehhhh

Proud of my Nasi Separuh Kandar….

Well thats all for now.. Food is always not enough..

The Ah Kau Story

March 27, 2007

Ah Kau is a guy who sells newspaper every morning next to your apartment, and you are one of his daily regular customers. Before dashing off to your office every day, you will go to his small stall and buy The Star newspaper. Wearing a newly pressed shirt, a tie, and a pair of Clarks shoes, you grab a copy of The Star, pay RM1.20 and exchange smiles with Ah Kau and greet him.

“Apa macam Ah Kau ini hari? Bisnes ada baik?”

The normal greeting like you do every day. Yes, Ah Kau doesn’t speak English. He speaks Chinese and knows a little bit of Malay. He speaks a little bit of Malay but with a very thick Chinese accent.

Biasa saja! ini bisnes aa, kadang kadang baik, kadang
kadang tada untung.”

“Biasalah hidup. Kadang kadang ok, kadang kadang tak ok.” You give Ah Kau a pat on the back. You smile and walk away and get into your car. You start the engine and start driving to your office, a multinational semiconductor company located in a premier industrial area. You are a young and promising finance executive and the future looks bright for you.

A year goes by and things look pretty good on the track. You decide to marry your fiance and have your new wife moves in to your place. Both of you feel happy because you can save more money as the two of you will be sharing one apartment and can live as one.

Ah Kau is still selling the newspaper as usual. Sometimes in the morning your wife gets the newspaper from Ah Kau instead of you.

A year later a child comes along, and you decide to buy and move into a newly developed condominium just across the street. This place is bigger so it will be perfectly fit for the 3 of you. But since both of you are working, you decide to get a maid to take of the household and your kid.

By this time you’re offered a managerial job from another multinational; the remuneration package offered is much better in terms of the pay, contractual bonus, medical benefits, ESOS scheme and a few others which makeit impossible for you to decline. So you join this company happily.

You get busier. You realize that you spend less and less time with your family. When your department is busy preparing for the next audit, your working hours become more and more ridiculous. Any internal issues arising in the office means you’ll be stuck in the office until 8 or 9 pm. Sometimes, during the weekend, you’ll spend your time in your office, buried under paper works and documentation’s, instead of taking your family for a walk in the park.

One morning, on your way to get your copy of The Star, you realized that Ah Kau is no longer in his stall. So is his rundown motorbike. Instead, there’s another young Chinese guy at the stall.

“What happen to Ah Kau?” You ask out of curiosity.

“Oh, he is still around, but he is no longer taking care of this stall as he has opened up a new grocery shop down town. I am running this newspaper stall for him.”

“Ok.” you smile. You feel happy for Ah Kau. At last he manages to improve his life.

Your normal life continues. A year passes by and at the end of your company’s fiscal year, you’re rewarded for your effort with a 5 months bonus pay-out by your employer. Wow. Now that is a very handsome reward. You feel your effort has been equally compensated. To celebrate, you decide that it’s time to trade your 5-year old Proton Wira to the latest Honda Civic model. It won’t be much a problem to you to get a loan schemefrom the bank as your pay slip will provide you an easy gateway to access financial help from any bank.

One day, the hardest reality of life hits you right on the face. The company that you’ve been working for years announces that they’re moving their business to China for cost and competitive reason and has asked you to find a job somewhere else. “What?” You scream out cold. “I got a lot of liabilities on the card! Who’s gonna pay for my mortgage? My car? My credit card? My gym fees? My bills?” You yell like there’s no way out.

This is the first time you feel let down by your own employer. All your hard work seem to go up on the smoke. You feel sick. You now hate your company. On the way home, you stopped by at a mamak restaurant for a cup of teh tarik while pondering about your future. Alone.

Suddenly you saw this new, shiny BMW 3 series being parked nearby. And to your surprise, it was Ah Kau. Yes,Ah Kau who used to sell newspapers nearby your old apartment. “What happened to old Ah Kau?” You whisper to your self.

Ah Kau still recognizes you, and sit next to you, and shared his story.

To make it short, Ah Kau had accumulated his money from selling newspapers to open more stalls, one after another. Every new stall is run by his workers so that he focused on opening more and more stalls, which in turn give him more and more money. Over the years, he had accumulated enough cash to open up new grocery store while at the same time buying more assets to grow his wealth. And his current wealth and success is achieved without any loan or financial help from banks and other financial institutions.

There you go. That’s the story. While Ah Kau is set to become financially free, you’re back to where you’re started before. Ground zero.

Before leaving, Ah Kau gives you a familiar quote,
” Biasalah hidup. Kadang kadang ok, kadang kadang tak ok.”He gives you a pat on the back and walks away.

In reality, if you’re observant enough, there are a lot of Ah Kaus out there, that you will see every day and every where you go. The names are different, but inside them is every character of Ah Kau. They might be Uncle Dorai, Ah Chong, Pak Abu, Makcik Gemuk, Pak Man nasi
lemak or others.

They look to be struggling on the surface, but if you look carefully and compare with you life, many of them are living with little or no liabilities. They ride an old kapcai bike. They live in an old rundown house. They don’t have credit card to swipe. They wear a 10-year old shirt and short. No new, shiny Toyota Harrier. In short, their living means are far below than yours. But what you don’t realize is that many of them can save more money than yours, and over the years generate enough money to expand their business, or invest in properties. Their asset columns are much thicker than that of yours.

So the next time you see Ah Kaus, never look down on them, and never under estimate them. Or else you’re up for a harsh reality lesson.

This post is a courtesy from Mr Jeffrey Ho Kwang Sang, Senior Manager, Hecny Transportation Malaysia Sdn Bhd, who used to be my mentor and guide when I am assigned to the account department in the company..
This will be the reminder to appreciate and acknowledge our grassroots.

Weekends Logs

March 25, 2007

This weekend is a little more happening than the other weekends. Well going down south to Penang, after work to eat, dine and enjoy make life a little happier in the same time. The past memories will still be playing and rewinding as I repeated the song The Sweetest by Vanessa Williams which can be heard now in my blog’s player…

Gurney is a place where can be resisted and later went to Queensbay where there i saw something spectacular.. a Formula 1 car..I took some picture as what can be seen below. Another thing that bothers me is that I can’t get my dad to let me borrow his credit card number so i could accept payment from Pay Per Post. So wasted as I already have about USD 70++..

Nothing much to post this time as weekend as is not as happening as weekdays..

The song that I played non stop in my Red Charade this week.. here it comes the lyrics and do scroll down and enjoy the song …

Vanessa Williams – The Sweetest Days Lyric

You and I, in this moment
Holding the night so close
Hanging on, still unbroken
While outside the thunder rolls

Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Warm against life’s bitter cold
These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

There are times that scare me
Were rattle the house like a wind
Both of ours so unbending
We battle the fear within

All the while, life is rushing by us
Hold it now and don’t let go
These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

So we’ll whisper a dream here in the darkness
Watching the stars till they’re gone
And then even the memories have all faded away
These days go on and on

Listen now, you can hear our heartbeat
Hold me now and don’t let go
These are the days
Every day is the sweetest day we’ll know

These are the days
The sweetest days we’ll know

Morning Evergreen Ride To Work

March 22, 2007
People may know that I may be to silly to travel by bike to work everyday. 50 Km per trip which makes up to 100 km back and forth does make the journey to be long and exciting and yet a slow morning ride, breathing in the fresh virgin air free from hydrocarbons at least make the sleepy and the small Japanese eye of mine to open up.

Along the way, I saw a railway track. This makes me to recall back the story that my dad used to tell me. A wrong doing when he was young, a struggle of life to make ends meet. A strive to retain and obtain education. This is what he used to do. I truly admire him and by not forgetting the grassroots, here He is today, sitting on a managerial position in one of the oil palm conglomerate in this country, Malaysia.

Once when he was my age, my grandpa is too poor to school him. He does not give up yet to take up a part time job as a 4D number collector. ( this ppl use to go around to hunt for 4D numbers ). At that time that was the only option he has and its either do or die. The pay was RM 20 per week and that amount was a great amount back in 70’s.

The railway station reminds me as my dad used to tell me that he once used railway as a way to escape from the police road block. That fine afternoon, he was rushing back home after finishing the collection for the day. Having an afternoon class, he had to rush home and attend school and yet, there’s road block.

He therefore took a shortcut to the railway and pull his borrowed motorbike and ride on the railway. Just that I cant imagine how shaky to ride was but to save time and maintaining his priority, for him this is the best way.. This was told to me by my dad when I saw him during the recent Chinese New Year. I barely have time for my relatives as the holidays I have is limited.

Having looking at the railway makes my heart ponder and wonder how hard is the life of those people those days and how lucky I am to be on this place now. No doubt my dad had trained us since young by dumping all 4 of us to boarding school when we entered secondary life. The hard time that he went though makes him treasure his past that eventually path the way to where he is now. Always he will remind me to not forget where I came from, our grass roots and never be shy to admit that emerged from a poor family initially.

Outsiders view may not be important, the annual bonding session we had during Chinese New Year is a satisfactory occasion as people around will never see me as happy as before. This is the time when I waited most. We brothers have no choice as we are parted to pursue our dreams.

Lonely Person awake in the morning.

March 21, 2007
At this hour, all my house mates are asleep leaving me pondering along with the starless dark sky, cold morning breeze that doze into my room make my room sounds like an air cond room. Its kinda cold here and I hate to be lonely, and available at this moment. Having someone special to cuddle seems the best of all now. My past has kill myself off slowly, bit by bit without me realizing.

The past as well does counter attack the current me now. Which is not fair at all. Same like a prisoner which demands a brighter life but eventually the social perspective on him tarnished his confidence and self respect that leads him to hell over again.

There is one question from a friend of mine, how can u stand with your body condition now. I answered, I dunno, I have to ask my body to stand till the last breath. So I will feel the satisfaction after all. They say I am crazy. I dunno. Perhaps what I am writing now is just a fictions. Facts are not involved. Sleeping now as tomorrow is another crazy day as well.


March 21, 2007
Today’s work may be hectic, matching the Grey colour took me a day to complete. And today as well i realize that the world is not that beautiful after all. There are a lot games being played in order to survive in this competitive world. There are a lot of truants involved when comes to business and there are also a lot of bad people that make life to be complicated, more complicated that usual.

Industrial training is a base when i will never forget. This is the time I gained knowledge and experience and the same time lose my love’s ones. Pretty hard to imagine. There are a saying. U gain some U lose some, in this case, i dunno I gain more than I lose or I lose more than I gain. This is a big question mark here. Working like mad make me to realize that materials is not what most important. Is the bonding that we shall have between the members of the floor in the family institution.

I called up my dad today, to my surprise he answered my call despite an hectic schedule. He was in Kuantan, attending a Managerial Committee Meeting, dunno what they call it but its something like that. chatted a while and ask when to go back see “Mother”. Perhaps end of this month or early next month. I hope this time can go back..

Updates N now I am updating

March 20, 2007
To start with, I also dunno where to start.. Well yesterday on my way to work, there is an accident involving me that put me into hold for few hours.. Of cos those asses that put me on hold are the police officers that are investigating the case.. There is one question when they ask and i remembered well. They asked me why I show down. I say I wanna get into hold of something important. Things that do not leave me since it was given to me. A Voodoo.. Yakekekekeek…

They are stunned when I show them the voodoo. Then I am done.. Thats all they ask. No more.. don wish to go into details as this is not a good thing to talk about. Talk bout the voodoo.. Once there is a person who is important in my life ( Act there are many ppl who are imp) knows that I am struggling for my semester, and knowing the superstitious me, superstitious solution will definitely buys the deal with me.

Frankly I love the voodoo a lot but in the same time making people to buy and spend on me make me feel guilty.. She however *( Now you knw she is a lenglui) do not mind and thus i put it together with me, a bag which i carry in and out. Show that i appreciate the gift thou I may not have money that time to return her favour..

I even brought it in the exam Hall and guess wat, I did kinda well. Not bluffung or exaggerating….Sometimes really have to believe this one la. And yesterday It almost fell from my HondaChampion Cup therefore I try to salvage it la… To people I may be stupid to risk my life over this but deep inside, they never know sometimes the smallest thing in the world could cause the heart tenderness to become adrenaline.

Passing the place today reminds me the happenings that took place yesterday. I wish to go back to the time that I had with her. But fate kept us apart and doubts thickens. Tomorrow is another day of working. Hate to travel…will remember forever..

23 years of fantastic life

March 16, 2007
Well today is my 23rd birthday, the number of the great Michael Jordan…Precisely, present will come on my doorstep by this year i intend to ask some extra stuff which involves no money, perhaps a sweet small gestures from a long lost friend who is now a blogger also… Here I wouild want to introduce HolyVictim which I knew when I was doing my E&E in Inti International University College.
I ask for a keychain by in return he gave something more than a keychain… This is what i mean.. The photos is being taken when we are celebrating Tang Lung festival.. really miss that time.. It brought back the memories.. sweet and meaningful memories… Thank Victor a.k.a Holyvictim..

Me and Victor back in 2004
This is his postee.. Thanks a lot fren….

The second present is from Yenchiew and Jermyn…which is a bolster.. I was wondering why I need one.. perhaps what is in their mind is to keep me company out of the loneliness.. Thanks..Picture is yet to be taken as i am kinda heavy hearted to use the new item.. It will be a pleasure to use them when the old one is worn out.

Stupid Tuesday

March 13, 2007

The mood at the working place is not as decent as the day before.. Way back then I am contended with the no U turn feeling that turns my

  1. Mood
  2. Gesture
  3. Appetite
  4. as well as body weight to be down.
The same time, there is a feeling of competence whereby I am competing with myself to win something that myself want since the beginning of my life here. Promises is made and time determined when will it be broken it seems..

On the way, I took an emergency half day leave from the company which I had my training to check the status of the current financial situation which has a bunch of screw up people as well as corrupted and pea brained administrator to run the so call most important department in the entire University.

It almost took my life away as I was involved in 2 semi major minor accident.

First one is when a group of biker had one of their biker’s tires punctured.. Then all emergency braked their bike. I was behind will have to do the same. And manage to escape by plugging my bike to the side of the road…

Second one was involving a 40footer truck.. Their Tayar Celup had worn out and there are small debries flying from the side of the truck..
Before I could stop, the entire flakes of the tire flung out and making me to run over the pieces which I could not avoid.. DAMN..

This is the day where I risked my life to come back expecting someone to smile at me at least.. cheer me up and make me happy… Friday will hopefully be an exciting day for me.. Thou it seems to be a boring one, deep inside.. I will leave to for the GOD to decide.

Monday is here..

March 11, 2007

I was wondering how can i cope with the pressure in my workplace after so much of heart breaking moment this week. It seems that was I felt in presence of my heart was not being realized.

I would say everyday that reached my workplace, my heart is pinging to tell you that I had reached by ringing you.. Now I couldn’t.. This make me suffer…

Each time there is a break, I would want to exchange messages with you, there will be no reply that makes me upset…

Lunch will be a long break without you as I used to send you messages to tell you what I had done in half a day.. I wish I could now… But The same goes to no reply..

Each day.. after work at 5.30 pm, I will be the first who left.. To rush home to see you… During your break, I was reaching my friends in Genting,to plan a vacation for us, So with my salary I could give you a trip there, to celebrate our 2 year anniversary of courtship..

Definitely this will be a surprise but now no more… Each time I saw the booking ticket online, tears flows like a rain after a drought.. continuously.. non stop quenching every single drops from my broken heart… A day of work is a day of torture for me.. Working enthusiasm, and the reason I come all the way so far to work is to fulfill my promises made to you earlier on. All I want in this life is to make you happy after being selfish by taking all the time to myself and leave very little to you.

I may look strong, tough and calm.. In front of other people this is what I have to adhere to gain respect. Hard part of mine.. The soft part….

Winchem toilet has been a place where again my tears flows when the heart follows its emotion.. NO one had know me for breaking down hourly in the toilet as they may think I went to get some fresh air.. I had to break this out so it will not be a trace of my tears in any ink that i mix. I tried to be strong but this is a big blow to me.