Accident …

8.00 am is the time i reach the Industrial Estate with my bike energy supply at half its capacity. In the same time there are a motorcyclist overtook most of the car from behind and ride in front of me.. As there are many car heading to Prai 2,3 and 4 the road is jammed up. Traffic is slow and many decided to take a short cut. I decided to took the short cut to save time and petrol but the Nepalese who is infront of the cut the cue and dash for a U turn.. perhaps they are late..

I had to stopped my bike and allow them to make a U turn first.. From far i can see a 4 wheeler coming fast and I try to honk them… even the rest of the motorist are doing that… From the time I stop to the time I honk is barely 5 seconds and there goes an accident… The pillion rider was thrown and landed 10 metres from where I am.. and we went to help.. No body dares to do anything other than to drag him to the roadside…

If i were the one who is doing the U turn perhaps I could be the one… When i reach Radcure which, Joshua who is attached to Winchem came and tell me… Chin… the Nepal fella Tapau de…I asked… Tapau Nasi Lemak or wat… He replied, Tapau Nasi Lemak… Black plastic bag one..

So we understood….. The pictures are in my Phone … can t upload as the bluetooth device is corrupted.. This reminds me to drive safely.. Always….

3 Responses to “Accident …”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    that was real close..

  2. Bernard Says:

    Aiks.. be careful, mann.

  3. Nine3 Nine3 Says:

    Take care my friend

    today is 1st day Chinese New Year..wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year

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