Winchem 3rd Day

Today i went late to work even thou I had my alarm at 6.00 am. I just thought of sleeping for another half an hour and this make me to sleep till 8.30 am..damn.. called up the company and then rush to work forgetting to bring my water container.

Reach the company at 9.10am punched my card and later i got called up by the supervisor which is also the company director and advised not to be late anymore.. They all thought that i had myself involved in an accident or something but it seems they had their self guessing the wrong thing.

Today’s assignment is to prepare the Optix Bright Orange and things are being done quite well and the following monday will be the QC day and definitely have to come early. Time passes so fast in the work place and this is the time for lunch and today, they have this Chinese New Year Luncheon in Victoria Station Bandar Sunway, in Penang.

There are a lot of hi ha during lunch and I consider myself to be lucky to have known this group of people and all ended at 3.15 pm sharp. Reached home at 4.00pm via a slow drive and sleep till 8.00 pm before Peow Teik called me to get his computer table at the cost of RM 20.00.

2 Responses to “Winchem 3rd Day”

  1. L B Says:

    Kakakakaka!!! I also late for work a few times, now and then!! But I don’t have any card to punch so not so worried! Without card damn syiok lah! can cabut earlier too!±!!@@!

  2. RayChin Says:

    thanks LB, I am kind tired these few days. Need to get myself to be familiar with my traveling business

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