My First Day In Winchem cum Radcure

Industrial training thou is not compulsory for me at the moment, it was a great time to have by doing it in advance and another real one in the future. When arrive, I was greeted by a half decade lady which i thought to be a sweet seventeen or worst a creamy ladies in 30s. Her youth vocal is blinding everyone including myself who are not easily conned by voiced. I am tricked this time. What a disappointment.

Briefing and the factory tour was conducted by Mr Wong, Admin Manager and soon we are handed to the directors of the company, Mr Andrew Low and Mr Choo. FYI, Mr Andrew is the son of the Managing Director means there are no play play business here. There are 2 sections here whereby Winchem is divided to 2 subsidiaries. Winchem is dealing with paints and Radcure is another company that deals with UV Ink.

I therefore was being picked by Mr Choo to join him in Radcure Sdn Bhd and I am guided by Ms Khoo who is the senior chemist. My first assignment is to mix the ink to be sent for quality control. It was a tough task initially but I initially picked up by due to my poor respiratory resistance towards the turpentin and thinner that was used to provide solvency to the ink, I am having a watery nasal for that particular day.

Job ended at 5.30pm and I therefore took my bike and rush myself out of this place and tomorrow will be another day.

There will be more update on Winchem very very soon…


One Response to “My First Day In Winchem cum Radcure”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    best of luck dude!!
    easy on the nose though..

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