The last day to..

Today is the last day to

  1. Wake up Late
  2. Sleep like a pig
  3. Eat at anytime I want
  4. Watch movie in VCD..
  5. Drink Coke as no more supplies
  6. Use less money.. Petrol to Prai will cost be a bomb thou is is just a KapChai
  7. Take afternoon nap
  8. Sleep early
  9. BLog at anytime I want
  10. Delay things whenever I want..

Holiday for me is over now… Not too excited to go for training..


3 Responses to “The last day to..”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    all set to lead a ‘normal’ person’s life already..
    no more honeymoon for you liao.. 😛

  2. may Says:

    good things just don’t last forever… *sigh*

  3. RayChin Says:


    Very very true…
    What to do, we will eventually gets old and see the creator when the time comes.

    Yen Chiew

    I am normal wat. even there are some ppl also sleep till the time i wake up… hehhehe

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