A day out Post…

To those who likes shopping spend money in a lavish way, Gurney Plaza is perhaps the best place to make your money flow like waterfall. I am definitely not going to make use this opportunity as I only shop once in a while. Going to shopping center is just to get the feel of the air conditioning system that 10X stronger than what i currently have at home, A fan….

After walking for more than half a day, leg pain is unavoidable therefore I found this free leg massaging system by OSIM…. then sit there for free la for 5 minutes like that.. But still a masseur hand still have the inevitable feel compared to this machine..

Here is the machine in operation and we can hear people screaming if their leg is too delicate…
For me as a person who grew up playing mud and going to Palm Oil estate as frequent as i go to school.. this is all Peanuts… hehheehheeh..

Take a break….. Other meaning is to stop, try and spend…
Baskin Robbins interiors as we have a free coupon to dine in. Buy 1 free 1.. something like that la..

F.Y.I, before I come here, I was visiting the company which I am working starting tomorrow. Forget to take picture.. Can find out here la..Radcure Coatings Malaysia

This is definitely a CHINAMAN company as they works on public holiday as well…

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