Honda Cup.. The Bike that Brings me everywhere…

I don’t know how many of you out there can ride a motorbike. Even you know how to ride it depends how often and where you are riding it. It definitely do not matter what is your ride as a dispatch boy can be a more rugged rider that rocks more than you ever think of.

In my case, i definitely have a motorbike and here I am going to tell how I manage my ride and where do I ride to. A little bit of history. This is a second hand bike that i bought from my relatives. Not the close one la. It was 4.5 years old on Sept 2002. I remember that date as it is just after my cousin brother passes away when i got the bike.. Not to celebrate his passing but I that time only get the money from my dad to pay my so call uncle.

From that time onwards the bike has made some milestones and listed below are a few that i remember


  • From Ipoh – Sungkai – Ipoh weekly 84 km
  • Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur 200km
  • Sungkai to Tg Malim 45 km


  • Ipoh-KL-Ipoh 200km
  • KL – Nilai – KL 70 km (Weekly)
  • Nilai- KLIA- Nilai (working there) 30km (Daily)
  • Nilai-Tembangau-Nilai 145km Only once

2005 – 2006

  • Sungkai – Sungai Petani 290 km — registration day…
  • Sungai Petani – Penang – Sungai Petani 160 km


  • Sungai Petani – Winchem- Sungai Petani 110 km Starting 1/2/2007 DAILY…..
Blogging this not for me to boast that I am so macho to achieve all this.. Since the petrol price rises like no grandmother story, perhaps this is the way to keep my pocket thick and my stomach full in the same time.

You need referral for the statement above can kindly click on the person below

  1. Sin Ling
  2. Yen Chiew
  3. RayChin

The feeling of riding so far sometime make me cant feel my buttock when i get down from the bike.. dunno OSIM got anything to massage that part ar…


3 Responses to “Honda Cup.. The Bike that Brings me everywhere…”

  1. L B Says:

    Hahahaha, of course lah, buttock sure gone Brokeback Mountain liao after all that riding!! Your Honda Kup really keng yeah?!!! I had one too, long long time ago.. Now dunnoo what happened to it..

  2. may Says:

    I don’t know how to ride a bike as in “drive” it, but I know how to be a pillion rider. first time on the bike, scary liao, not used to no doors, hahaha! 😛

  3. RayChin Says:

    find back ur bike la.. gt sentimental value one la. something like fetching your first gf on it bla bla…

    actually no door better le.. but nt in the place with massive traffic la like PUDU like that can forget it la…

    Perhaps an evening ride as a pillion rider will be a nice one.. at the seaside watching the sunsets.. hehe

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