My Non X Rated Room….

As Earlier Bernard and LB is posting how X rated their stuff, I therefore wanna go the opposite way by showing how Y rated is my arrangement of stuff. These will happen only once in a blue moon when I am free to tidy up my room and make it look presentable else, the females visitors that drop by my room once in a while will have their meals cut off for few days due to the horrific condition of the room.

This is the computer table where i typed my post with a coffee at the side of it.. It is a must…

The scenic and panaromic view of the room from far. The files and the book has piled up and I have to stacked it again. As we grew older, the more thing we have and the less money we have… Of course it had been spent on items and food..

BUt all these are history already.. I have moved out to a cheaper and better place.. Soon I am going to post the new furniture and layout of my wonderful room which I think is presentable and tidy for a male standard. Haha..

5 Responses to “My Non X Rated Room….”

  1. may Says:

    this is too neat, too neat! wakakakaka! where’s the mess of a a wire spaghetti? no cross-line wan? ah, at least you can see the table here… lol!

  2. RayChin Says:

    May… The crossline one will be up once i have the gadget to upload those mess. U may be surprise what is behind..
    take care May, have a nice day.

  3. Bernard Says:

    Ray… uahhhh… wanna show off the room while it’s tidy lah? Hehehe.

    So where’s the new living quarters?

  4. RayChin Says:

    What to do la… it is never tidy la especially near exams.. Like after pasar malam like that lo..

    New quarter in 4/4..
    How bout u?

  5. L B Says:

    hahahaha!!! Now only I got here… so slow… me damn slowcoach nowadays… getting old.. BUT, Y-Rated?!!! This is like Disney!! G-Rated liao!!! *grin*

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