New Version of Malaysia Satay Talk….

On Saturday, 27/1/2007 I have decided to change my look of my blog to something more significant and lively. I even violated the Blogger’s custom template and change it for good of course.

With some guidance from Dr Bernard, finally the project is completed successfully even though i almost screwed up my template… The whole process took me 2 hours but seems there are phone calls and smses to be replied therefore it took me almost 4 hours to complete.. what a day.

Here are the comparison between the old one and the new one.. look almost the same but just added another banner there la..

NEW Malaysia Satay Talk

OLD Malaysia Satay Talk


6 Responses to “New Version of Malaysia Satay Talk….”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Nice banner, Ray. Colourful. And the satay loooks dem good. πŸ™‚

  2. Bernard Says:

    Psstt.. mebbe you’d want to make the header link to the homepage of your blog rather than the flickr site…. or else readers won’t have a way to get back to your homepage.

  3. zeroimpact Says:

    Great template here
    Got moving pictures somemore

  4. Helen Says:

    Waa, good of you to extend Malaysian hospitality in the form of giant satay.

    Ok, next time you belanja satay OK?

  5. Ray Chin Says:

    I have made some changes, it comes gradually lt comes gradually. Thanks for ur advice

    Thanks for dropping in.. will come and kacau u very very soon

    satay ipoh nt nice le.. u wan then I can belanja la. any bloggers meet up in Ipoh for new year?
    I Kedah here buy and give U la..

  6. yenchiew Says:

    fresh new look..
    in time for new year jor..
    hahaha.. πŸ˜‰

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