SPY PHOTOS: Next Generation Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz Diesel

Here are first photos showing a prototype of what will become Honda’s next super mini Jazz. The current model has been on the market since the beginning of 2002 and got just a face lift in 2004. So quite obviously an all new replacement is due.

After the success of the new UK-designed and developed Civic, Honda’s British arm is now playing a major role in the Jazz project. But the big news is that the car will be offered with a Diesel engine for the first time.

This spy shot shows how the five-door will be bigger all-round than at present. Sources in Japan have revealed that the fresh model will use the same basic chassis as its predecessor, retaining the groundbreaking central fuel tank.

The current car’s clever five-seat layout, which sees the folding rear bench hinge down into the floor, is already class-leading, and it’s set to be carried over with only a few minor tweaks. Other upgrades will include a fresh dashboard design and better materials throughout. The existing model’s 1,2 and 1,4 litre petrol engines are likely to be retained, but these will be joined by an efficient small-capacity oil-burner.

The new Jazz is expected to make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October before going on sale in 2008.

Source: World Car Fans


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