Exam is Over…

Yahoooooooo.. exam is over. Yet there are worst coming ahead that may not leave me to be as happy as what I am now. There are no plans perhaps I shall make some plan for myself rather than rotting at home.

But ever since the examination started, I have barely rested and feel this nice. It is sometimes good to slow things down rather than having it on a fast track all the time. Well, I really got to make use of these few days before i resume my academic calendar not in the University but in a paint company in Prai.

Thinking where to hang out tonight as all my house mates disappears right after they finish their exams. As if there is a fire ball chasing them from the back. And most of the time during the holidays in these 2 years I am here, I always stayed back not that I do not want to go home but there seems no home for me. I have adapted well with every place I went and things seems to go pretty well.

Once you get use to this kind of life then, there are more compromising rather than complains. Be happy on where your foot is stepping. Enjoy life ….

***life is sometimes so wonderful without exams.


3 Responses to “Exam is Over…”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    no ball of fire chasing from the back la..
    talk until so sad like that..
    *patting your shoulders*
    we’ll be back to haunt you in less than 2 weeks already.. 😉

  2. Sin Ling Says:

    i told you that i stayed back until saturday but u rejected it. Now complainted pula… i am going back to sp in 2 weeks time ok?

  3. Chen Says:

    life is superb & wonderful without exams 😀

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