Does Taiwan Deserve a better car than Local Malaysian

Proton Savvy has launched its face lifted version of model, which the beak which look like a sparrow beak has been removed. In the same time there are airbag to be included in the package worth RM 40+.

The same model or I shall say the similar model is being sold in the Taiwanese Market.

The question is does we Malaysian deserve to have a better quality car rather than having the better one given to the foreigners the same time we Malaysia who has paid taxes which later is equivalent to the cost of having a grand funerals..

Still then the Taiwan Ppl are paying less for a better automobile quality

Here are some pictures that determine our local car industry fate.

Can you see the difference??? No more beaks…

Another color if the facelifted AMT

Rear portion of the car….
Image courtesy of Thanks Paul..

Difference is.. the Taiwan model has a DVD player

Local model… Chow Kia Player


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