Below is the synopsis of movie that is regarding a life of a medical student.. Well the God is fair and if we do evil to people, people will do evil to us.

Well the girl named Dawan which is the cadaver is killed by a Professor in order to protect the secret of her missing boy friend. Her boy friend apparently is being accidentally murdered my the medical student when he tries to break up with him. Her professor which was in the scene apparently make a quick move by dumping the body into the formalin tank which is used to preserved the dead body.

After a year, Mai which is the medical student is about to dissect the cadaver provided to her by the medical school. In the same time the spirit of the dead girl come and haunt her, to assist her for her revenge as well as to give her clues on the matters regarding the location of the body.

The body is then found and later the dead spirit took revenge and this is how the show ended.
Not that scary but the time that we are watching is already midnight, therefore some of us have to close our eye and basically half of the show, we are not concentrating on the show by the suspense taken to us by the movie..

The set up is so damn real.. So this is a movie that people in the medical line both practicing and studying should watch.


2 Responses to “CADAVER”

  1. Selba Says:

    If I’m not mistaken this is the scariest thai movie, even more scary than Jo-on/Eye – the korean horor movie

  2. RAY CHIN Says:

    the sound effect is the key in this movie. After watching don really feel tat scared..

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