Blogger’s RIghts In Malaysia

With the recent summon and law action taken against Jeff Ooi in his blog Screen shot, we must now fall and and thing why is the government is taking such action to make the country with democracy principle to limits the rights of it’s people from expressing their views. No doubt is it not nice at all to hear unpleasant things but, at least the people are giving a chance for the government to make some changes.

There is no such thing as following the grandmother method in the advances era. There is no such thing as making people live in the age where they only listen to the guardian and follow blindly without thinking what is correct and what is wrong.

This legal action has become a debut as perhaps, this is the first time in history, bloggers are being sued. DAMN..

Anyway, I with the defendant a good luck and may you guys get through it without much hassle. Perhaps now I understood why DAP team are making some many many noise and keep banging the government without fear or favor..


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