Sample of PMS posts

PMS symptom came when one’s hormones is imbalance. There are many examples on PMS symptoms Even Blogger do have PMS syndromes. They are normal people also. Simple Click on the link in my blog and you guys will see how and there are how and the way the people express themselves. I sometimes feel like laughing especially there are Filipinos that will be viewing those blogs. Why I say so is because the statistics says so and to people that are not new in the blogging world they should know this.

To uphold the principle, for those retirees and semi retirees that are so free, get a life by doing more charities instead of taking a small issue to become a big one. This are New Village Symptoms which I myself encounter many many time as when ONE become so free, they tend to find thing to argue…. This is wat we call underground BAR Council AKA unregistered Lawyer.

To point finger, this is best to be done directly and most importantly there are a Strong evidence supporting your statement. A vague statement of proof will not only shatter your image into a small nanometer of glasses but also make life shorter…Very true if this continues, the person who want you to be vanish from their eyes will be very very happy.. They don have to see you face anymore in their life..

So we must get a life.. I will just LOL when i encounter this.. I will just let them be in their DUMB world until they get up..

Msg: How the hell are these people going to face the world. It will just be a laughing stock of mine. No need go cinema…


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