Grow up la..

Growing up is not a bad thing This because of just a few simple reason and advantages. It can be an disadvantages also in the same time..

We start from the top part of the human anatomy..

The head as well as the brain. This is an intellectual center as if there are any misjudgment such as provoking monkey and cat business, this is the part to be blame. Outsider may see the face as a powerful weapon, but this only applied to those who are underage and those who have no see the corrupted world before. I was once a species of these but when I started working.. No doubt, there are pies and dung splashing to your face each time you give ugly faces to them. This is the part where we all use to think rationally.. We are using our brain to BLOG in the same time… So BLOG do NOT BRAG…

Center Part

this is the part that determine whether you are pretty from outside, dirty inside or You are pretty outside but look like shit inside.
Something like constipation, You seems to eat well in the end of the day, You can’s shit as well as you eat. The accumulation of the shit will definitely book a ticket for the person to look like a shit piece of meat. You know shit are not healthy, accumulated one will solidify and later become dust in the system..
There are people that may look kind and helpful, but to the closest ever person they are linked to, Its just another piece of shit again. Advice here is to go and clear the bowel as frequently as possible, not only to make the shit become less but also to make your breath don smell like shit also..

Bottom part..

Nothing much here, It may lead to something unpleasant if this continues.. Well What my fingers touched above are abstracts.. For people with Extra Sensory Perception, this don make sense as this is all Bullshit.

For People like me, craps and traps are my favorite especially in making people to get angry… No offense..

I believe most of the reader today may no feel anything as this may be just another piece of crap. To the people who consider themselves as the cream and cramp of the milk, there may be something flickering in their head right now.

So just grow up K.. don Yak K


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