Organic Chemistry SCMM 32108

Thehell is here to day with the most killing subject ever. With limited notes and time as well as fucking references, there are no way for even an excellent student like me to get through this without getting a flying colours score. DAMN…. WIKIPEDIA is the main source of information and sometimes why we are getting lectures to teach instead on paying the RM 88 to the slow TMnet and get the internet and webpages in to run.

More econonical and cost saving for a budget student like me. MOney is just enough to make myself full. LUcky for me not have to pay for the tolls as what happen in the Klang Vally. If not sure I go 6 feet under even faster.

The fucking government must also make me feel happier by giving everything free of cos, damn government make me pay more for petrol but get less in quantity. where the fuck they learn their fucking maths from…


2 Responses to “Organic Chemistry SCMM 32108”

  1. yenchiew Says:

    so angry for what?? cool down la.. *fanning now*

  2. RAY CHIN Says:

    damn u shud knw better wat hell are we walking thru now YC, haizz

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