Coffee Brands In Malaysia, Which Is Better

Coffee is a MUST for person like me, without coffee is something like without a life for me.. Well since my taste buds are so particular in choosing the right one, there are 2 brand that are in debut today.

Nescafe is the budget version of coffee as the market price can go as low as RM 6.20 for 35 packets and RM 8.10 for 30 packets. During the recession period, of course in the end of the month, this is a definite choice of quenching my need of caffein.


Well, of course when you pay lau beh price, the lau beh quality la. can drink la and this has very little caffein effect. For those who say they drink alot, 2 to 3 packets is Kacang PUtih for me.. Not up to my standard yet… I am a heavy drinker in the same time coffee don make me become more heavy…

Ipoh White coffee is the luxurious beverages for me as a student. I have 1 left and I have to be patient if not I will not be able to have it when i Really need it.. Too bad, when the Boss sister got married, my grandfather din bring me together as I am having my finals, if not can go and say HI HI to the boss and get free coffee.. My grand dad is somehow related to the boss. Apparently, his blood sister is the wife to the Old BOss…

Taste is fantastic, depending on how you mix and tarik the coffee.
For my case, there are fans and people who wants me to make coffee for the just for the sake and the skills that my hands with the 10 fingers has.. U wan receipe then Private message me.. No harm sharing rite…

SO IPOH WHITE COFFEE RULES…. Damn no more money to buy coffee.. Can anybody sponsor me??


3 Responses to “Coffee Brands In Malaysia, Which Is Better”

  1. Selba Says:

    Oh… you are a coffee lover! 🙂
    Me too.. me too… Instant coffee for sure which makes Nescafe the best one, hehehe

    I haven’t tried the White Coffee from Ipoh yet. Would love to try it someday. A friend told me that Nam Heong White Coffee is very delicious.

  2. RAY CHIN Says:

    Kopitiam, which is the white coffee franchise is the extended version of Nam Heong. Same boss and this is where i Hang when I go back to Ipoh.. A must to go …

    I won recommend thing that are not true to the people one.. kekekeke

  3. melody Says:

    I love “Kopi Ping” from those chinese coffee shops or you could get it from kopitiam but sometimes theirs are not as nice as those from coffee shops…

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