A simple world made complicated

A simple life is a life that I wanted since I am young.. Without any complication there are plenty of space for you to express yourself and to be yourself. Unfortunately, our superior has created this world to be not so pleasant and make it more colourful by creating attitudes that varies from angelic to bitchy..

Yet so, there are competition and the strongest will survive. But in this case not always the strongest will survive, the tactics used to survive is essential.. I perhaps may be too sensitive but, there is minimal mistake in judging people from my saturated experience with the people in KLIA.

If I am working now, those people will have to bow to me and knock knock their head and make theirself presentable as if I am the CHINA EMPEROR. I may or I will depends on how those angelic and bitch treats me..

Let bygones be bygones, how many time this is applicable in our entires life worth of 168 years in this earth..so Kill those words and award it only for those who deserved..


2 Responses to “A simple world made complicated”

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